Guild Weekly Task (Gathering)

It is absolutely unreal and unbalanced that the foraging guild task is 110 times no not an rng of acquiring plant leaves nonono its 110 times because you get 1 leaf each time, meanwhile excavation is 19 times, mathermatically the total work energy consumed is not even equivalent. Thoughts?

Yeah, but 1x excavating drains significantly more work energy plus it is harder to gather (run around the map like crazy & compete with others especially if you’re at t3).

As for the plants, you can easily chill in Luterra and gather all 110 within 5-10 minutes.

Mining is not 19?

My guild have mining weekly right now and the hard quest ask for 50 ores (25 mines each 2 picks, 30 energy per pick)

Fensar Highland in North Vern pretty decent place for excavation.

Also It’s kinda weird how stronghold Excavation Pot only have 9 instead even number like 10

yeah excavation is 19, i havent done the exact math but i know for sure level 3 excavation quest with 19 requirement is far less energy than 110 foraging

nvm im delusional miscalculated, its just annoying to do

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