Guild Withdrawal Penalty is Too Long

When I started playing, I was trying to find a guild through the UI. Since you can’t see much about a guild until you join, I tried joining a couple of guilds I found through ALT+U. There’d be guilds with lots of people but <500 gs or nobody active. So I tried joining and leaving a few.

I’m up to 15 days being my penalty. If I decide to leave another guild, I’m afraid my penalty will be up to 30 days.

Why the penalty? Can players really get a benefit from joining and leaving guilds repetitively? Seems excessive. If it’s to prevent bot spam, you could shorten it to like 3 days since they should be banned before then.

I suggest lowering this time or removing it all together. Would it be possible to have my time reset? Or does it reset after a period of time?


Bumping post because it’s still true.

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I ban the guild for 7 days and why? Because the third guild that took me to fire me right away and still laughed at me. Damn, let them do something about it. People enjoy deliberately making people uncomfortable with the game.
Now again, my 4 days ban have ending i joined to guild and leader kick me, when he send me request for join. Now i have 7 days ban, for nothing,