Guildcoldowns way to high

So my game expierence was great so far, but more and more players leave the game,wich is fine and expected. But the result is that more and more guild geting inactive and don´t make any progress, because u are basicly alone. Happend to me 2 Times now.
The result here is i got a Cooldown to join a new one over 16Days wich is unreasonable much, since I dont guildhop or anything like that.
Im my opionion the guildcooldown should be workling st like that:
You join a guild and a timer(maybe 14 days) Starting to run off. If you leave on the 10th day you get a 4 day panelty to join a new one. If you leave on day 14+ the panelty should be 24h at most.
Or even better system: You can join a new guild whenever the weekly reset is, so u cant abuse the guildshop.
I was almost 3 Weeks in my last guild and still have that 16 days cd(will rise to 32 after I leave next one, even if thats in a year or two from now, doesnt matter). Wich is in my opinion waaaay too much.


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