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I noticed there isn’t much information with guilds.
So with this thread, I would like this to be a spot for guilds to discuss things and also seek help from other guilds as well.

These questions can apply to anyone, but I will answer them as well

What is there to do as a guild?
Currently, not much. We do argos raids and abyssals, Mokoko hunts on mondays and Rift maps on sunday. What do you guys do? Any cool or unique event ideas?

How is leadership handled?
In our guild our officers have specific roles to maintain such as contribution monitoring, discord upkeep. Not sure what else is really needed, but if you do, i’m down to hear it!

We set a specific goal, an obtainable one. Explain how to meet that goal and send payouts only for when that goal is met. We also check contribution to see who’s helping out.

I welcome anyone to chat here, but let’s keep it focused on guild discussion.