Guildmate banned?

So. Amazon are insisting that my mate did something wrong? They keep feeding him pre-written template messages. We are talking about a 40 year old man with child and wife that plays this game daily. Not some kid using cheats. Amazon just keeps responding with the same templated messages.

Well not saying your mate did anything but don’t think a 40 year is incapable of cheating/buying gold

He spend quite a bit of money yeah. Buying the “legal” way. Royal Crystals → Gold. Why would you buy from a gold farmer while spending 500+ Euro on their ingame shop?

Alot of us are getting these templated responses saying its being investigated, and then 30mins later “your ban was meritted”. Not much to do now i guess other than wait. They are moving the threads to support asap so we cant keep responding in those threads.

We are a guild of mainly +40 year old veteran gamers. Some of us have known eachother for +15 years.

Well for one, the gold sellers are cheaper. Just because he tells you he didn’t doesn’t mean so. Maybe it is like a lot of others and just a mistake and things will get corrected/ Either way, I am not giving amazon (cept for the $10 Aura) or gold sellers my money. they have proven not to be effective and handling games or customer support

RMT LOSER stop complaining

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Agreed. They handled New World poorly. Now they are ruining this lovely game. I wish Smilegate RPG would open their eyes.

I’m not banned?

Well I have know my son almost 29 years and he has informed me of bans and when I asked him what he did he always at first says nothing. Then as time goes on he will admit to buying gold in said game so

I’ve known this person for 10 years in real life. Sure there is always the chance. But if he did RMT why would he only get a 1 day ban? (Says 3 days, but the date is 1 day from now)

Surely they don’t temp ban RMT’ers?

Seems like there is a trend where players with over 500 hours of steam game time are getting banned. There has been plenty of reddit and forum post about it. Hopefully we can get an answer soon about this because wrongfully banning regular players will drive them away from the game.

RMT is currently a 3 day ban… should be perm imo

They are alienating the hardcore playerbase that has put in +500 hours and a lot of money into this game. Way to go Amazon.

I agree. It should be a perm ban. I heard of a guy that got 3 days ban and was able to keep the gold he bought. Just pathetic. They should be perma banned,

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I know someone who bought gold after seeing others not get perma banned for it. He did not get banned. Meanwhile I have never bought gold or used external programs to cheat and was banned.