Guilds.. And Penalties

Hello everyone, this is my first time creating a topic, I’m sure this topic’s been touched on many times by now, as it’s actually quite ridiculous… I’d like for anyone to enlighten me and tell me why should there be a penalty in the first place, I can’t for the life of me understand why it exists and why does it increase every single time you leave, starting with 1 day, 4 days, a week, half a month and then a whole month… what is the point exactly? there are limits on everything in the game basically, you can’t buy more things from the guild shop if you join another guild instantly, because they’re on a weekly cooldown, you can’t donate infinitely ofc because I assume that once you donate, you can’t donate anymore cuz you get 3 types of donations a day, silver gold and with these honor medals… you can’t aid research more than twice I believe again with silver and the other one with medals… So I can’t really see a reason for a penalty to be applied, and ofc I can’t see a reason why the penalty even ramps up, plus you actually get penalized for getting kicked, it’s like on top of the humiliation of getting booted out of a guild, you get spat on by the game itself for no reason whatsoever… oh and guess what? you also get the same penalty duration, 1 day, 4 days, a week, half a month and a whole month… imagine getting penalized for a whole month just cuz a guild leader decided to kick you… So once again, please do enlighten me because I can’t really see a reason why should there be a penalty, and why is the penalty even ramping up, I have seen games with like 12 hours penalty or even 24 hours, but never an entire month, this is ridiculous and it needs to be reworked because it does not make any sense whatsoever…

Add some paragraphs, it helps people read through your issue. Walls of text are painful on the eyes when you’re trying to read it.

Stopped reading at the 4th row because of wrong information, the leaving penalty starts at 1d not 4.

I remember it was 4 days for me but oh well.