Guilds & co. (CD)

Hey guys

I wanted to know smth about Guilds & etc.
I had sadly to left 2 Guilds since they basically died right after opening them, now I’m stuck on a guild where the most players aren’t even on my GS.

And I don’t want to leave right know cuz I will get a massive punishment around 16-30 Days, why does LA even implement smth like this and force you to stay with ppl that you don’t even like to play with etc.

Does the timer reduce after a time?

Greetings @Harukyo

Thank you very much for the approach and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

Here’s a breakdown of the penalties function done by a user here: https://


"If you leave the guild after the guild withdrawal penalty is applied, the penalty will be awarded according to the cumulative number of times.

(1 day → 4 days → 8 days → 16 days → 32 days)

However, if the character’s battle level is less than 50, the default withdrawal penalty is 3 minutes and is applied up to 48 hours depending on the accumulated penalty number.

(3 minutes → 3 minutes → 12 hours → 24 hours → 48 hours)"

All the credits to the Reddit user once again.

In addition to that and responding your query about if the time reduces afterwards? Thus far there are not plans for reducing the suspension system after the accumulation of leavings from guilds.

Persistence is key, regards,

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lel that moderator just flagged my other post for saying its a stupid system, man they salty

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