Gunlancer Bash Nimble Movements

Hello. I play with class Gunlancer, ok. For Alt + K, Skill Bash, Nimble Movement node 2 in First Line. This Tripod doesnt work, i apply, and Test. The Attack Speed doesnt Stack with attack speed of “P”, i checked many times. The animations doesnt change. Its always same cd time.

I checked others skill Nimble Movements and doesnt work too.

Bash First Line *Node *2
Gunlance Shot First Line *Node *2
Shield Bash First Line *Node *3
Shield Shock First Line *Node *2

These Skills Doesnt work, this node is not available for use.

It is Bug.

PLZ Report.

Hi. I also discovered this yesterday when testing some tripods on Trixion. I was about to open a post here about this and found your first.

Hey @Roxx / @OminousOnion please forward this to the devs for checking.