Gunlancer Flying Damage


  • A bug w/ the Gunlancer and the Leap Attack ability


  • When executing the Leap Attack ability, I take damage while in the air


  • When using any tier of the Leap Attack ability, enemies can still attack me while I am in the air
  • After I have “taken flight”
  • Before I land
  • Prior to Lvl 10, this can be explainable by whatever makes the most sense for any given player
  • However, after Lvl 10 in the aforementioned skill and w/ the Leap perk, my character is literally off-screen and missing entirely for about 1.5 - 2 seconds
  • Enemies are still bringing the pain while I’m communicating with NORAD and getting ready to dumpster on them from space

What should happen:

  • Once the Air Jordan mode takes effect, I should not be able to be hit by enemies that are tens or hundreds of meters below me (my character is legit off screen)


  • I have not played other classes besides Gunlancer, so cannot speak to if they have the same issue or not.
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To add on to this, because I started experimenting after I noticed:

  • If I land, and bounce the enemies up in the air; if I pop the roar or lightning attack before they hit the ground, the enemies do not take damage

May be something w/ elevation checks existing for enemy attacks, but not existing for certain PC skills?