Gunlancer is the new "support" ? (screenshot)

did i miss something? people asking for gunlancer’s? (tooken from partyfinder tool)


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The shield that gunlancers can put out is almost like a support. No healing, but can easily come in clutch. They also can put out some push protection.


thank you for your answer. its interesting to see, that classes got more and more important with new contents. before they doesnt really matter. at least i didnt notice something.

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i think people value gunlancer for valtan becuz its counter potential as well as the shield buff and one of the awakenings which gives super armor so people within the area doesnt get pushed by valtan


As a gunlancer main, i don’t mind this. But i’m not gonna ask for fee like other supports do.

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Gunlancers provide these supports and synergies for the party.

  • Bash skill provides armor destruction with almost 100% uptime as long as the skill lands, allowing all party members to do more damage on the boss.

  • Shout of Hatred provides some front/back attack bonus for a short time. For some bosses, this skill can interrupt.

  • Nellasia provides a huge damage reduction plus shield. Some dmg reduction effectiveness can be traded for 1 debuff removal instead for the party, which is almost like free Panacea every 40 seconds or so for everyone in the party. EDIT: Yes, this can cheese the small pizza on argos.

  • Awakening skill, guardian protection, provides 40% damage reduction AND push immunity.

  • There is also an X skill that protects allies but almost no one uses it since it drains all specialty meter.


Ye its basically just for the aoe shield, it can make some mechanics far safer.

I think their shield cleanses debuff to.

My prog group beat hard with no support. As a GL main that’s all my team needed to survive every single BIG damage skill in Valtan hard. This has always been the case for all the content in the game so far.

If you get hurt, use your potions. I can say with certainty that the gold sink isn’t potions, it’s bombs/timestops/feast/edible items.

With that said, any GL who says ‘the class is mainly DPS’ are just bad GLs since they’re trying to just DPS while ignoring and dismissing the rest of their kit, which is major support utility. They shoulda just rolled pure DPS class instead.

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Agreed but if your a blue glancer dont you have to pick with surge or the counter ability or you drop a blue skill in raids?

If the counter is important, you carry one red skill, DUF, for counter. If countering is not crucial, you have some options, pick Shield Shock (Another blue skill) or Surge Cannon.

A blue gunlancer that picks Surge Cannon are often one of these. Most blue gunlancers runs standard build, which does not include Surge Cannon.

  • Surge Cannon over Nellasia for more damage (One example is Greedie’s build)
  • Surge Cannon over Leap Attack for more stagger and weak point in certain situations.
  • Surge Cannon over DUF if countering isn’t required and you want more damage or weak point/stagger

I am not a fan of Surge Cannon and I run a standard build which is all blue skills except one red skill for counter. If counter isn’t crucial like on Argos, I pick Shield Shock.

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Gunlancer also has permanent super armor so you are never afraid of falling off the map.

His problem is that he moves slowly

and his dash is the stupidest dash i know

Im a GL main too. What do you run to support your team, including Tripods?
I use Nellasia with Survive but i feel i could do more?

They provide more support than another DPS.

Gunlancer should be what is missing in this game, a tank.

honestly i think people saying gunlancer is dps is watching high lvl plays where gunlancer’s support utilities arent necessary and so gunlancer run dps build as well.

you know, those party that only gets atk synergies and supports, and no heals.

because GL’s dps can be good. but no need to.

I’m a gunlancer main, best class in the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The standard blue build should cover all the bases for valtan as people have mentioned above!

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Gunlancers are simply the strongest class for Valtan raid, and it is not even close.
They have no way of falling off the map, can ignore 95% of all mechanics on the fight and still help debuff, keep their team alive and deal consistent damage while having a good counter.

I normally never win in a guardian fight with dmg. But for Valtan I have been top in both lockouts against better geared players, simply because everyone else have to run. Gunlancers never run (unless they do a little tiny hop)

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