Gunlancer Leap Attack - Low Shock loses target during 2nd combo, on controller mode

This is only issue during controller mode.

Controller mode = ON.
While using Leap Attack with Low Shock tripod ON, the first stomp target enemy correctly.
However during second stomp, the target loses out and made the 2nd stomp, jumping out of the actual target’s location.

This issue happens everywhere and every content in Lost Ark, except on Guardian Raid’s boss.

I can’t find similar thread on this, and its been happening since the start of LA.

Can confirm that this is still an issue for controller players, the second leap defaults to the fixed position in front of the character without the option to auto-target,

Thank you for bumping this thread. Apologies it wasn’t seen to sooner. I’ll report this to the team.

I believe I read in patch notes a month ago or so that it was fixed, it is not. Will this be fixed soon?


Up, what?