Gunlancer! please the spacebar skill!

I really REALLY wanna play this class, I just CAN’T DEAL with the backwards hop.

PLEASE change it to a little forward hop or a small heavy guy dash or something?


Its the one thing preventing me from playing as well

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I mean it does suck but you’ll get used to it. Not like you’re gonna need it much anyways.

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Its been forever this way and no change planned on Korea, so no, get used to it.

see thats the problem, i get used to it then I do it on other characters lmao

Some guy benched their non GL alts and now play 6 GL for their mains for their gold earning so now they don’t have to get their space bar mixed up :sweat_smile:

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LMFAO! Complete sentence

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Every character has different dodges. And they all very different, most suck. I’d argue martial artist like striker with their short dashes sucks too.

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Gunslinger and Scrapper is prob the 2 best space bar in game that i can think of

1460 gunlancer here, didnt know we had a spacebar dodge skill


Gunlancers are the closest thing to useless as a class can get once players know the encounter. This game made it a point to make sure tanks were un-needed. it’s your fault for rolling one. you’ll never clear Full Hell Modes without being carried as one. Making you useless at a high level of play.

hate it

Are you trolling brother?

Gunlancers are a god send in any party. If you think Gunlancers are bad, then you must of not been playing one well this whole time.


This is why my friend only plays Gunlancers.

Gunlancer’s spacebar is one of the best spacebar in the game because of its long animation allowing you to immune rate boss pattern easier + it’s the shortest spacebar cooldown in lost ark (by the time a bard uses 1 dash gunlancer already did 2). The dash backwards is a small price to pay for how good it is especialy in the correct hands.

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Only a new Gunlancer player can think his spacebar is bad tbh. It’s (by far) the best : immunity rate every 5 seconds while having shield, it’ just massive.

Spin the cursor a drop behind you before pressing spacebar to jump ‘forward’.

You can practice while moving around overland, it gets easier.


Yeah, they are pretty useless once ppl learn the encounter where they don’t need the group shield. I do more than double their damage in valtan even tho they are 1490 with level 10 gems and 5x3 engravings. My setup is only 1475 with all level 7 gems and 4x3 + 1. Might as well call em pseudo support