Gunlancer precise dager

The more i think about it the more i feel like précise dager
Is op on redlancer

Since we have a lot of crit damage we benifit a lot with crit

The 20 % crit chance frome precise dager is a 37.6 % damage increase

That a lot of damage
But we alredy cap on crit so we are forced to trade crit for less effective swiftenesse so the damage increase is not rly 37.6%

20% crit is around 600 Stat
And 600 swiftenesse is
12% move speed
12% attack speed
14% cd recovery

Wouldnt that be beter than a 16% pa increase from curse doll + no healing penality?

No cursed doll is better because of shield bash attack power stacks with cursed doll making it even bigger

I dont think they are multiplicative

they are

Koreans already theory craft all of this, so why would you try to invent your own build when you haven’t tested anything?

Exept some korean do play gunlancer with précise dager

If you perform well then Cursed Doll is definitely better, but if ur having issues with survivability and landing ur skills then u can go with precise dagger

Skilled player = Cursed doll
Cheap or lazy = PD

It’s not as simple as that

For exemple
On vykas p3 if you dont have a high ammount of swiftenesse you can only use one skill in the counter Windows getting that second spel in the counter Windows is a huge dps boost

Hitting skill on red gunlancer is not only skill based it’s opportunity based to and getting that attack speed move speed and cd réduction give you a lot more oportunity

Then use adrophine or something that increase ur atk speed for a short time? You see where you’re lacking?

I know Vykas p3 is a bad example since you need timestop, but we’re talking about the entire fights in general

You cant spam adorphine

Should just accept the fact that ur overall dps when you can actually hit Vykas is lower then, Cursed doll in general will have more consistency in most fights.

The thing is no matter how good you are you will hit significatively less spell with curse doll no matter how goode you are

What less spell, look at Valtan hes an easy to hit boss, You’ll lose out way more in those fights than just accounting Vykas

Exept futher you go on end game the more the bosse move and do mech valtan is an exeption not the rule boss are on cocaïne

No u have support giving u swiftness and thats more than enough or get a wardancer or DB

Yes, precise dagger is a great engraving for red gl, but only used if you go full swift. The crit damage loss from precise dagger is cancelled out by lone knight, and precise dagger allows you to throw more swiftness in, which are both points that you had originally said. Swiftness is better imo as a combat stat because red gl being an entropy class means it must do head attacks to do damage, and swiftness allows you to get to the head, attack quickly, and have your skills back off cd quicker as well. If you go full swiftness, you obviously go side crit. So you have a little crit stat, entropy 4 set crit rate, lone knight crit rate, and precise dagger, which is enough crit, and you could always put more crit stat in if you feel you dont need the swiftness as much.

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Bro I play Rage Hammer Destroyer and I never had issues with head attacks even on Vykas

Never had to go full swiftness

Your combo as destroyer is faster than a gl combo

When you get shield bash level 10, it will give you enough distance to do ur full combo as fast as a perfect swing, but you also need to do ur spacebar correctly for movement

Perfect swing dont take 5 sec gunpancer do take 5 sec