Gunlancer Shield Charge Bugged on Controller?

After the update, all of a sudden the shield charge on the Gunlancer started sliding all over the place, regardless of target size. It doesn’t have that same “stickiness” to it as pre patch. Aim Assist doesn’t help too. It overshoots from the target and then tries to aim on to the boss after overshooting, making me just spin around a target pretty much.

Thanks for reporting this, LoudPackJack.

What controller are you using?

We have the same issue, had to take the skill out, make raiding legion raid pretty hard. Shame it’s a core skill.

It’s an Xbox One controller. The main problem seems to be the collision of the skill, that’s why I say it’s like it’s lost its stickiness. Thanks

Yea it’s a shame, nice job tho providing video proof of this bug. This might get fixed soon enough cus of that.

Thanks for this! The team is checking into this.