Gunlancer skilling in pvp


I recently had a gunlancer in pvp who used the jumping identity instead of hook chain. It was so much fun to see and also efficient!

Why do so many gunlancers prefer the hook chain over the jumping skill?
I ve seen rarely a gunlancer to get more than one with his chain, yes two then.

The chain also pulles the enemy somtimes out of my beam. That seems to me disadvantageous. Alongside with his other pushing skills if I am trying to do something. ^^

The jumping skill seems to underline more the skills of the other classes. It does just area damage whithout interfering the skills of the other classes.

I believe it also helps the gunlancer to move foreward, cause he seems so slow and immobile.

I ve just seen that kind of skilling in a serious of games lately and I am so intrigued by it and how the player efficiently used it that I just wanna see more jumps. :smiley:

So why do you choose the chain hook over the jump? Is there a reason?

Thanks and Cheers.

Im not a PvP player but it should be with the bash followup to a surge cannon