Gunlancer (Surge Cannon Skill)

Hi, as main gunlancer player i have to say that theres an error in the “Surge Cannon” skill description of the “Rotating Barrage” tripod. It says that you turn 360 degrees but in reality it is less, the ability ends earlier than expected by doing a 340 degree turn instead.
I wonder if this is intentional, if so they should change the tooltip to be more accurate as the damage doesn’t apply to the full 360 degrees. Maybe I’m misunderstanding it but in my opinion it’s wrong.

As a note, I must add that regardless of whether the damage applies to enemies within 360 degrees or not, (being actually 340 degrees) the turn is still incomplete, I must emphasize that it is not 360 degrees as the tooltip says.

Disclaimer: I did not measure 340 degrees with an instrument, I only know that they can be seen to be less than 360, between 320 and 340.

Edit: The skill fires four times in an angle of approx 270° degrees if you watch carefully. I suggest the four bombardings be more spread between each other in order to damage an area closer to the 360° degrees