Gunslinger 4x3 engraving for 1370+ looking for advice

I’m currently deciding between these 2 options for Gunsligner 4x3 engraving at ilvl 1370:

Option 1:
Keen Blunt Weapon
Hit Master
1200 crit + 600 swiftness

Option 2:
Keen Blunt Weapon
Spirit Absorption
1200 crit + 600 specialization

(I don’t plan to have Grudge and/or Curse Doll due to budget as well as the damage and healing trade-offs)

I’m leaning more towards option 2 since it’ll likely be cheaper due to Spirit Absorption being a cheaper engraving than Hit Master, and it also provides +15% attack/move speed from Spirit Absorption lvl 3 as opposed to only around +10% attack/move speed from 600 swiftness (though I lose out on the skill cooldown reduction from swiftness).

My question is whether 600 spec is better or worse than Hit Master lvl 3?

i would always take hit master 3, because most of ur skills takes advantage of it.
you can add later when we have more stats to choose, spec into ur build

Grudge is not that expensive as u think, if u have +9 grudge from books + ability stone +6 grudge

you can take:
Grudge (keen blunt weapon)
Hit Master

if you want 4x3 dont do it like this with full engravings
you should go:

peacemaker 1
adrenaline 2
grudge 3
keen blunt weapon 3
hit master 3

this will be way more effective than having peacekeeper on 3 and adrenaline on 3, it might be more expensive because you will only have peacekeeper on 2 accessories and the class engraving accessories are cheaper for us at the moment, but this build will give you far more damage than your other options if you are willing to go for it, as a tip if you run the crit chance argos set you can allot stats away from crit into swiftness (priority over spec) and specialization which will make the build cheaper since crit is the most expensive on alot of these, you would only need like 850 crit stat, after that you can go into other stats since:

850 crit = 30% crit chance
+10 % adrenaline
+10% gunslinger synergy
+15% argos set (25% if u get full set)

is already 65% while you need 60% for keen blunt to become highly viable
if you have the lostwind cliff card set you get over 70% from this
but yea you will most likely end up with more crit than 850 anyway if you manage your quality well on necklace + 2x earrings alone

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how are you breaking it down to 3/3/3/2/1?

with a 6/6 ability stone and +9 from books you can create two of the tier 3 engravings, but that leaves you with 10 +3s to get 15, 10, and 5 on 3 separate engravings. so 5 could go to the 15 sure, but then you’re left with 5 +3 and you can only get 9 and 6 or 12 and 3.

So, I can see how you’d get grudge/keen/hitmaster to 3 but not how you’re getting adrenaline 2 and peacemaker 1.

I advise you to get Grudge. Pretty much all Korean players are saying that sooner or later Grudge becomes mandatory to pass damage checks. Better get used to it earlier rather than later. Also at the current point in time it’s really not that expensive to run Grudge. Even if you opt for Grudge accessories. You may have 1 or 2 red engravings at lvl 1 if you run budget options, but I don’t think that’s really big deal. Especially considering we’ll be changing those to relic accs pretty soon. Only necklace may be costly, but again, this is the expensive way. Purple Grudge books are like 30 gold. Grudge stones are also cheap for the most part.

you’d need one of the engraving at 12 or a 7 6 stone with adrenaline being 7. However getting a 6 7 is a pretty low chance and its just much more guaranteed to get a 12 with 6 6 in my opinion. I tried 10s of stones with calculators and ended with just 7 5’s