Gunslinger Anmation BuG

Hi, my gunslinger has this weird bug where her face is falling off, its funny and all but I just can’t get to play it like thst.
My character is Bigunbae in server Lazenith EU central

Thank you

Hey there @Elyine

Sounds like you’re referring to the visual bug currently happening on Gunslinger characters with the Arkesia skin set among a few others, this is a known issue that the team is aware of and is currently working on fixing, you can try removing the skin as a temporary workaround to fix the issue:

Update: This issue, among others, will be adressed on a hotfix tonight:


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Hi, do you mean the Arkesia Fidelity skin?

yeah thats the skin thats bugged idk if any others are

I think the teason is because when that skin originally came out in KR they didnt have Gunslinger yet
Thanks, will try that out

they actually still dont have it even after we got it apparently