Gunslinger Bug on Floor 48 in Tower

Having this bug where I can’t Proceed in tower, cause when I Press space bar ( dodge) or swap my weapons it says skill is not ready. Now I assumed I had something incorrect so I reentered the dungeon before Floor 47 and it worked all the skills Space bar, tried entering again in floor 48 thinking oh just a reload might have fixed it but no it was still there. Please help cause I am trying to earn my rewards.

Screen Shot of me dying horridly, cause I can’t defend myself. Oof…

There’s an actual mechanic involved in this floor level, and it has to do with grenades. There’s videos and guides on how certain floors work :slight_smile:. There is no “bug”.

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My friend look like you haven’t look at the debuff and read what the debuff do, also look up guides helps if you dont know how to clear instead of assumign its a bug xD

It was even before the debuffs, like before the boss spawns as soon as I pass the stairs point. JUST ironic how i got a screen shoot as I am being stunned. Aka rage screen shoot, I’ll try toget a better picture of it soon.

it suppose to procc debuff the momment u enter the floor

So update on it, I did go back to floor 48 and now my space bar works legit that’s the whole reason I thought it was a bug but I am getting silenced 2x in a row consistently Including my basic attack. I don’t know how to get past this legit I got nothing to deal damage and its Defeat named monster. it it was labelled survive I would understand but Idk how to get by it

Battle items

Just beat it, but hecka annoying, makes it feel like the system bugged.

use panenca to remove the debuff for a second. at that that second use ultimate. its a 1hit boss, theres videos everywhere about it lol…