Gunslinger Changes

The only benefits from getting peacemaker 3 looks like an extra 10% on shotgun dmg or am I reading that wrong? No way that would replace another DPS engraving, like grudge, cursed doll, adrenaline, hit master, keen blunt weapon etc. Either way, the changes will be pretty nice for us, shotgun skills are going to slap.

overall 5% dmg buff on shotguns
class engraving: 25% shotgun crit —> 10% crit + 5/10/15% shotgun dmg
should be now worth to go lvl 3 class engraving and dont forget u get 10/20/30% from sniper skills aswell when the boss is under 50%

Yeah, it could definitely be worth it, but the engravings I listed are at least a 13% + overall dmg buff to all skills. I’m glad there will be more options though if these changes go live. Sniper skills are still 10/20/30 under 50% btw.

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well engravings are anyway expensive right now, just wait a bit and look how good it is in korea.

u played before peace lvl 1 + adre lvl 2 and after the changes it is probably more worth to go peace lvl 3

people are trolling by buying books on high price right now, tests havent even been done yet

also people ignore that you go for only 40% crit from stats and tehn you rely on 10% synergy and 10% adrenaline to hit 60% for keen blunt and rest of stats in spec which directly gives you damage

if you want to play lvl 3 peacemaker on relic accessories rn without 9/7 stone you have to replace adrenaline without griefing your other 4 damage engravings (kbw, grudge, cursed doll, hitmaster) and if you replace adrenaline you grief your crit rate + kbw effectiveness on rifle spells


Couldn’t have said it any better.

I’m curious if this kills off the 7m build and the focus goes back to shotgun skills.

Some people in the community discord have been saying that you should drop cursed doll and upgrade to adrenaline 3 if you also want peacemaker 3. Also, replace perfect shot with shotgun rapid fire

This makes sense. BR is still insane so I don’t think it will get replaced. More tests needs to be done to see whether SRF outshines PS with PM3. PS has always been underwhelming.

7M just means 7 maxed out skills…… but yea meta will probably have SRF replace PS with PM3.

7m refers to a specific build. Hence how you know what I’m talking about.

not worth changing to peace lvl 3 until atleast ancient gear or a 9/7 stone like some1 mentioned

you also get more dmg when boss has lower than 50% HP so thats also a plus.

Overally it was predictable that GS will get buff, though it is done in a way that ignore the real problems.

Peacemaker engraving:
Problem - > People just put 1 point in it since the scaling is bad and the bonuses are weird.

Solution of devs - > partial change of crit rate to damage on shotguns - > not solving the problem, since its still worse than standard damage engraving to level it up above 1

Real solution - > Pistol 8/12/16% attack speed - > 15/30/50% crit damage , Shotgun 15/20/25% crit rate - > 7/15/25% damage, Rifle 10% dmg + 10/20/30% damage on low hp - > 5/10/15% damage + 7/15/25% damage on low hp

Also I dont really like the direction of forcing hit-master on GS. Every change is forcing the class deeper and deeper into it without giving alternative gameplay.

The back attack should be rebalanced from 5% dmg and 10% crit raate to pure 20% damage or so. People should be inclined to get better at positioning and well rewarded for that.

Instead the developer say “go easy mode with hit master and you will be rewarded even more”.
Thats counter intuitive and counter to any logic a game should do.

There should be two ways to build GS:
1)Go hit-master and tight spot tripods for stable damage boost
2)Go alternative damage tripod and engravings with possibility to do back attack for much higher damage ceiling

Till now it was partialy possible because:
Rapid fire you could go Tight Spot OR Ambush
Sharpshooter you could go Tight Spot OR Soulstrike
Shotgun Rapid Fire you could go TIght Spot or Ambush

They should just make:
1)Altenative for Dual Buckshot → change Swift Fingers to some damage engraving
2)Give real bonus for Back Attacks
3)Give altenative for skills like Equalibrium, Last Request and Hour of Judgement (together with rebalance to make them good altentives to other skills)

Instead they remove the altenative from Sharpshooter because on tier 1 Tripod you will have no alternative anymore to Tight Spot to pick from.


There is literally an entire class called Deadeye which is the back attack focused version of the class.

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Really doesn’t look like they put much effort into it. Each tight spot had a different option to keep the back attacking and they themselves made it like this to leave room for some creativity. And I don’t think they will care to revert it.

They are the ones that set up those tripods in such a way that back attacking had an alternate option everywhere. They are also the ones that made those skills back attacks to begin with and gave players the option to make them non-positional. They are also the ones that left pistol dps skills out of this loop and kept crit damage tripods on them that are supposed to be non-spec alternatives, which a back attacking build would be.

All of this sounds to me more like gunslinger was supposed to at least have a back attacking option, but they are just getting to lazy to properly manage it.

What does deadeye have to do with it. All they had to do was move soul strike along with in a tight spot. How is that an excuse for not sparing a thought for this much. How is streamlining in a tight spot to be on the first row on all 4 skills that have it more important or important in any way whatsoever.

So the way it has worked from the beginning of time with MMOs and balancing is that the developers create classes with a general idea of how they are going to work. The players are the ones who figure out the optimal ways to play them. The developers provide various ways to play the class but the community is going to figure out the best way to do it. The community and the best players learn more about the classes and how they operate to the best of their abilities better than the developers do. The developers then use this information to balance them.

The developers including back attack on hit master classes does not mean it is their responsibility to create alternate playstyles to fit back attack as an alternate viable build. Many hit master classes have skills with back attack bonuses. Look at Arcana for example with back attack on many of their stacking and ruin skills. This gives players options to experiment with. Jiu Dau was able to create his own Arcana build that benefits from back attack with Checkmate. Having options to experiment with is never a bad thing.

There are an infinite number of ways a class can be built and played. There is no way possible that the developers can account for all of them. What they can do is give us options and balance around how the community has deemed the best way to play them. There is nothing “lazy” about having back attack skills on Gunslinger skills. There is nothing “lazy” about having to balance a large number of classes with with dozens of skills each with their own tripods, each tripod with their own levels, stats that influence these skills, and gear sets on top of them. It is actually wonderful that Smilegate is taking the time to balance classes. If you’ve played other MMO’s you know that balance can often be very scarce and very bad. I can’t think off the top of my head an MMO that has been balanced as well as this one. And I’ve played dozens of them. And there is nothing remotely close to lazy with what Smilegate has done with this game. Calling it lazy is just being ignorant or disrespectful of the complexity that goes into a game and it’s systems of this scale. I could never call anything about what they are doing or have done as lazy.

The reason I bring up Deadeye is because that class with a very similar playstyle with back attack already exists.

So gunslinger chads in korea already done the testing and apparently the play currently is to go peacemaker lvl 1 adrenaline lvl 3 full spec with secondary crit and no swiftness and halucination set . Guess time to main swap

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The balancing they do is like 15 minutes of work per class. Like in most games, its just lazy handling of stuff pretending that you actually care. Those changes are supported only by quick look on their statistical data, but not by proper calculations or thoughts about possible builds branches for a class.

There are no infinite methods of playing a class. The balance of skills force you to go one road or another. The more balanced the game is the more variability you have per class. In this case they are killing the variability by not balancing the choices and going blindly into hit-master meta.

Deadeye/gunslinger class split is another proof of their lazyness - > copy paste existing class , swap gender and swap few skills. Thats called economical asset reusage for a company, good for indie games.

So please stop white knighting developers here and blindly following the meta.
Guides are often wrong, especialy ones that are not supported by calculations data. Where most lost ark guides dont have any calculations as proof in it.

For example, many guides recommend using Life Absorption on Quick Step, but lets analyze it.

Life Absorption give you up to 15% attack/move speed for 5 sec. Looks good at first glance, but lets go deeper.
In party play it will be capped to 10% atk speed in 99% of cases (due to swiftness in your build, party synergies, set effects etc.) with will result in 5/1,1 = 0,45 seconds gain.
But you just wasted 0,5 - 0,6 sec to cast the animation of the skill. you wasted skill that you could use to dodge, you wasted 4 level tripod boost, plus 4 skill points in order to gain 0,45 seconds.
But thats not all, it have barely 50% uptime with divide this boost to 0,225 seconds.
Additionally you have to remember the rotation and cast the skill perfectly on time.
In order to get the whole boost you also have to only use attack skills in those 5 seconds of buff, perfectly launching one after another.

So overally to sum it up, you just paid 10$, the game gave you 2$ back and you are happy about the deal, because a guide for class said so.

There is much more mistakes like that in GS guides. I know, because I calculated them.

I first want to highly recommend understanding the fundamentals of a class and how it works before making suggestions for balance changes. Let me explain life absorption and quick step and how it’s supposed to actually work. Using quick step isn’t just to increase your attack speed with life absorption. Quick step is a valuable repositioning tool. You use it in combination with life absorption. Optimally you are getting value out of quick step as a tool to reposition by moving closer to a boss, moving around a boss, using it to evade an attack, etc. Then in combination with using it to reposition you’re rewarded with an attack speed bonus with life absorption. Not only are you moving faster to reposition, but you then are able to attack faster as well with life absorption. You aren’t losing time with quick step, you are gaining time in two different ways. By moving your character faster AND attacking faster. You now have a longer window to attack by arriving at your destination sooner and are able to fit in more attacks with life absorption. Even in cases where it isn’t necessary to reposition with it you can use it right before your skills in your rotation come off cooldown where again you are only gaining efficiency by using it. For example, my main damage skills are on cooldown so I swap to pistol, throw out spiral tracker and use quickstep right into focused shot as it comes off cooldown.

Gunslinger is all about efficiency. It’s about maximizing your uptime to do damage. Quickstep with life absorption is AMAZING for that. It is one of the very best skills and tripods in the Gunslinger toolkit.

You want diversity by including back attacks and adding a complexity to Gunslinger when you clearly don’t understand the complexities it already has.

I’m actually confused here. You want to add back attacks but using two skills consecutively is difficult for you?

You genuinely believe you made a discovery with Gunslinger being played incorrectly when clearly you are the one using the tools incorrectly. The enemies you are facing aren’t stationary dummies. That’s the fundamental flaw of your “calculation”. The basis of your assumption is just wrong. The meta is there for a reason, it’s efficient.

I’m all for experimentation and figuring things out. But it’s also important to understand why things are the way they are. I recommend watching someone like Averse. It’s disgusting how efficient he is with his play style and movement. The guy is amazing and you can learn a lot watching him.