Gunslinger Customized Look Reverts to a default when in Game (not what i customized on initial Char creation)

Hi all,

I created a Gunslinger with long brown hair but when i go to play the character it has short hair.
This all came about when i created a Gunslinger with long brown hair and after several levels of playing i noticed the toon running around did not match my creation.
After finding this out I created a new Toon and went step by step taking screen shots.
Screen shot of creation right before clicking name (Long brown hair)
Screen shot before clicking Launch for the newly created toon (long brown hair)
Arc Type selection training area initially long brown hair
Playing the Arc Type Gunslinger (Can not tell if the hair is long as the gear covers the ability to see.
After End Testing (Long brown hair)
After Selecting Gunslinger Short hair
Intro Cut Scene Short hair
Playable toon in game Short hair
After all of the above and returning to the character selection screen (Short hair)
I have a Doc with screen shots of most of the above.

I created a sorceress and this was not an issue (Long hair after playing a bit and long hair on the character selection screen)

I have now played with my initial toon for 6 levels (several hours) and am wondering if I will ever be able to play this toon the way i customized or not?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

it may have to do with the skins, or the hat/helm you are wearing. some items don’t work with hairstyle. instead those seems just including hairstyle itself.
you can ‘hide’ your helm in your character menu to see if the hairstyle is what you have chosen in your initial customization.

you may continue to play your character. you can reskin (re-customization) the character later. but this costs real money that you can buy from shop.

make the hat invisible by clicking the eye next to it, and your hair will grow back :slight_smile: