Gunslinger / Deadeye - Allow us to sheathe our weapons

Hello there :heart:

I find it odd that Gunslingers and Deadeyes have to keep their weapons out all of the time while all of the other classes have them sheathed. It just feels really awkward sometimes when you’re standing in a peaceful town, where everyone is just hanging out, chilling and you have your guns out like some sort of psycho. Don’t even get me started on cutscenes, where your character has to interact with something using their hands. You get ridiculous moments like your gunslinger using her handguns instead of a fork and a knife while eating a meal off a plate. Or just little things like when you’re using the Riff and you get that short port departing scene where your character walks to the edge of the ship’s deck and stretches out their arms while looking into the distance. Your beloved deadeye is STILL gripping his handguns and it just looks incredibly dumb.

It really makes me sad, because I absolutely love this class playstyle and aesthetics and then there is this small detail, that is just very immersion breaking. It’s really a shame, since there is a lot of coolness potential because of the fact that these classes have 3 different weapons (handguns, shotgun, rifle) and there is alot of different ways, that you could implement their being sheathed.

First idea that comes to mind is putting the handguns on a waist holster or 2 thigh holsters and then both the shotgun and the rifle on the character’s back, but this isn’t realistic because of some rifle/shotgun skins being ridiculously huge and it would just look goofy and be clipping all over the place. What is imo way more realistic and wouldn’t be that hard to implement would be just implementing the sheathed state for the handguns stance and keeping the shotgun/rifle stance the way it is now. Meaning if you’re using handguns, your character will sheathe their weapons like all the other classes do after a few seconds of no combat activity, and if you’re using shotgun/rifle, then you will just keep the weapon out the whole time like it works currently.

I know it’s very unlikely, that this post will get even any attention, but I can tell you, that I’m definitely not the only one who would appreciate this getting implemented. So far, I love this game and ever since I started playing, I’ve been blown away by the visuals of it - the characters, the amazing ability animations (and some of their sound design). And whenever I notice this small detail, it just kind of breaks my heart how close my class is close to perfection visually :smiley:

Anyway, thanks for reading if you made it this far, enjoy the game, and spread some love - you can be sweaty without being toxic :smiley: Cheers.