Gunslinger feels underwhelming?

I main gunslinger, I just felt shes kind of underwhelming in terms of performance. She is really easy to die due to been the most squishy class, and her dps wasnt the top either. Her mobility requires you to swap weapon, and the mobility skill has some delays. I played reflux sorc alt, the mobility from teleport is quick and long distance (less delay than somersault), damage wise is on par or higher, less squishy. Why do I felt GS is inferior, or am I wrong? Please shed some lights

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I’m a Deadeye main but made a GS recently. I played on RU so I have about 8 months experience with deadeye alone (similarities between the two but playstyle is pretty different). Swapping stances becomes natural after some time and it can still happen that you’ll fumble the swap but over time it will be less and less that you do.

For peacemaker build if you read the engraving it basically has disrespect built in for rifle skills. So it does more damage when the enemy has less than 50% hp. So early in a fight your priority is quick step life absorption tripod → crit debuff (equilibrium or spiral tracker or rulers will) → shotguns → crit debuff from pistol stance → rifle stance. Once the enemy is less than 50% hp priorty changes to crit debuff → rifle → crit debuf → shotgun.

The hardest part between deadeye and gs is GS has longer animation lock but she doesn’t have to worry about back attacking. So where you get in trouble more often with GS is greeding for damage since those skills are going to have long animations i.e. sharpshooter/dual buckshot/target down/focused shot.

Sorc and zerk have great damage output raw once they hit 50 and aren’t as reliant on gear set effects like some other classes. That’s probably why you feel sorc puts out much more damage and easier to do that damage. The reason why is because it’s true that it does. In order to make the movement faster on GS you need some swiftness most players go Crit > Swift. You can test how it will feel by going to trixion then giving yourself about 500 swiftness. That would be around an endgame amount of swiftness you would have from a relic necklace. This is also equal to Spirit absorption level 2. If you’ve never used that engraving try it in trixion. Move around with it off, then max it to level 3, then try it at level 2. It makes everything more fluid but you can get level 2 value from a relic/legendary necklace.

There will be growing pains playing either deadey or gs that will take sometime to get used to. It depends on if you want to put in that time. ATK on youtube has a good video on “how does gunslinger play” you should check it out. Explains what I explained above -50% health etc.


Coming from someone who has played the easiest class, you would probably find Gunslinger to be a lot harder to get used to. Gunslingers do not have the highest DPS and has a very punishing playstyle similar to Deadeye (Deadeye is worse). When you’re playing Gunslinger, you’re not playing for that big daddy DPS, you’re playing for style - and you most definitely style with constant weapon switching and zipping across the battlefield. You still deal high damage, have decent stagger, and tons of mobility and versatility. If you like to just turn your brain off, Gunslinger is definitely not for you. But if you like to style on the battlefield, a good Gunslinger definitely gives people sparkles in their eyes.

Gunslingers do insane damage if you can consistently hit your shots whilst your self buffed with no downtime when they are off cooldown. She requires some decent reaction times to swap to your pistols/ interrupt your skill animation to dodge mechanics quickly and her spacebar is very good.

Mine is at 1340 now and even with crappy engravings/gems/tripods I can get MVP on igrexion. I think it is a really fun class to play.

My opinion is that she isn’t an underwhelming character just a squishy one with some longish cast time on some of her hard hitting skills. So until you have learned the boss mechanics you’ll probably be kissing the floor or not being optimal with your skills.

I dont agree with “Gunslinger deals lower damage compared to other classes”. The most important factor is usually the class difficulty. Definitely easier to play zerker or sorc compared to GS or Deadeye.
Its the most fun class to me, and getting better at it is really good experience.

I chose gs as my first class and I never regret. I know zerker and sorc are easier to deal high dmg but gs’s performance is still in tier 1 level and it’s so fun to play.

Gunslinger is really easy to play once you get used to swaping guns and the rotation, and its weird to me that youre complaining about his mobility. Do you have the skills with the move speed tripod, super armor etc? Is game changing

My only issue with it, is that its a more difficult class to play and you are not rewarded for that with more damage.

That’s seems to be the case with everything in lost ark though, none of the harder to play classes deal the most damage which is weird to me.

I bet reaper when it comes is even worse for that, super hard to master and damage won’t be as good as braindead class.

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Harder to play now, then easier over time. By that time a good gunslinger will always be MVP and people make another thread of why X class feel underwhelming.

There are class to main if you just want easy gameplay and be good, and there are challenging class that need more time invested to be good.
I see no problem at all with gunslinger damage, actually now really good with new build.
Gunslinger is a hard class not only mechanically, you need gear too. If gunslinger is your alt and not properly built you wont see the full potential.