Gunslinger Founder's skin

Hello, I am consireding buying the platinum pack, and I want to know for the Gunslinger’s avatar, is it lock ? Or is there more color choice like on that picture ?

And I really want one of those skin, are we getting it ?

If one of the devs can answer, based on it I will take a platinum pack… or not :rofl:


Bottom one is the legendary Gunslinger outfit which is not part of the Plat’s Founder skins.

But you’re also missing one variant of the Founder’s skin:

And yes, what you see is what you get, these skins are not dyeable and you’ll only be able to pick one of the six.


Ok thanks for your answer, and just to know, is it the case for all classes ?

On the initial communication they only show 1 color for each avatar, but I assume they will give us a choice for each classes of many avatars/colors ?

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The main question, can we choose one of them? (as it was in Korea)
Or we’ll receive only red one. And if this is case, how we can receive the others? Later in the shop?

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Well, Gunslinger is more of a “recent” release, so that’s why compared to older classes they have more to chose from for their “Founder’s” Skin, that’s also the case with classes like Striker or Sorceress (With these two being dyeable).
But for “older” classes, I don’t know ALL of them, but most of them only have one main skin with a different color variant.

And about being able to get more than one, Amazon haven’t given us any info on that so everything is speculation at this point but if it follows the other regions modus operandi, you could buy them from the Cash Shop or from other players on the Auction House, but we will have to wait and see.

This is not an assumption, I’ve claimed release packs on other regions and the selection chest only allows one skin to be selected, period.

Yes, that’s out of question. But are you sure, that we can choose? I’m not…

the legendary skins are 100% worth it for me. i hope that we have them on release!

And it still an assumption that we are going to be able to choose in our version of the game.
I would find very surprising to showcase only one version since 6 months to promote founders pack if we can choose some different version for certain classes.

That’s my feeling too

Welp, they certainly could derail all we know from previous version, it is a possibility.

But you’re right, the footage shown by Amazon only shows 1 skin only for each class, so it is an assumption after all, I personally believe this is just a mistake, but that’s my assumption. I’m sure some people will foam at the mouth saying how Amazon will try to screw us right from the start.

I personally don’t care about founder’s skin and that’s not the reason why I purchased the Premium pack, so if people here are worried about that, maybe they should just stick to Gold or other pack, that’s understandable.

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Don’t expect to be able to choose the color and another skin type than the one they are showing. It will be sold later coz money.


wow the gunslinger looks much nicer without the jacket and hat. is that just the same skin without an extra item equipped?

When this class was introduced into the game at Korea, there was a box with a skin in the shop, and when you buy and open it, you could choose 1 of 6 skins.

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Do skins obey the headware visibility option?

you mean if you can make it visible / invisible to show the headgear? yes you can hide/unhide it. just like the normal armor you can hide the headgear or unhide it.