Gunslinger grudge vs cursed doll

The highest dps build (for most classes) seem to call for both grudge and cursed doll, however, it feels very squishy to play as gunslinger, so I’m thinking of replacing one of those engravings with something like heavy armor

Would it be better in terms of dps/survivability to run heavy armor + grudge? or heavy armor + cursed doll?

you dont go heavy armor on any dps


I don’t think anyone would accept you into their group if you used heavy armor.

I would meme you in the disc call for heavy armor. Dont do heavy armor as a dps. Grudge makes you squisher but most mechs in the future one shot you regardless.

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You can go heavy armor but elitists will not accept you in their groups, i would rather take someone with grudge/heavy armor that can do the mechs than someone grudge/cursedoll in the floor 5 secs after starting the raid.

heavy armor would make you tankier but damage is more important on a dps. putting heavy armor shows that you’re not confident in yourself for dodging so people might be more reticent bringing you in their group if you use party finder. You will get to a point where grudge vs no grudge a one shot is a one shot

Not at this point in the game. Only a few classes have that few valid engraving options.

Git gud and learn to use your mobility and range. If you still can’t stay alive once you actually tried doing that then just reroll to something more tanky because the class clearly isn’t for you. Using Heavy Armor and losing 16+% DPS is not a viable option on any DPS class.

Just use a less punishing damage engraving. Works for me. Something like disrespect is a good choice, not as good though, but slept on. Gunslinger is going to be squishy regardless of what you do. If not already using hit master, use that.

if you want a scuffed build, can try peacemaker 3
grudge, hit master, keen, adrenaline, peacemaker

its not about elitists, its about the fact that you’re leeching and getting carried.

grudge heavy armor is an awful combination because grudge negative multiplier applies after the heavy armor bonus which means you also lose effectiveness of heavy armor to the grudge negative, in that case cursed doll heavy armor would technically be better however cursed doll in itself is far worse than grudge and should not be used on any class other than berserker / pinnacle glaivier before having 5x3 engravings
also as other people said already, heavy armor in general on a dps is a terrible idea because your purpose is to maximize your damage output and in the future there will be dps checks that you cannot properly contribute if you dont have a good engraving setup that improves your damage significantly, as gunslinger you should get used to playing at max shotgun range for the most part and use your pistol spells for mobility and save your dodge to cancel animations, also dont greed on your animation locks much and be more patient

if you go 5x3 you want to go both cursed doll and grudge

I will try in future lvl 1 peacemaker lvl3 hitmaster lvl 3 adreanaline lvl 3 keen blunt lvl 3 cursed doll and level 3 spirit abs… but invest more points to spec for bigger damage… i guess spirit abs. solve problem from less switfness and spec from less damage becouse no grudge

You don’t have to run both right now if you run hit master instead. Eventually you’ll probably replace adrenaline 3 with cursed doll due to higher stats with relics. GS is squishy… It is what it is. A sample 4x3x1 below. I don’t count synergy with crit % if using hit master because I don’t focus back attacks and lose the +10% from it. Personal preference I guess.

  1. Grudge 3
  2. Hit master 3
  3. Keen blunt 3 ( if over 65% base crit )
    3 a. Adrenaline 3 ( if not over 65% crit )
    3 b. Cursed doll 3 ( replace adrenaline when relic )
  4. Peacemaker 1 ( can do lv 3 I guess )

You could, way in the future, run the same setup with adrenaline 2 for a 4x3, 2, 1 setup instead of running a 5x3. It seems some DPS run out of good engraving options. GS wouldn’t really benefit from raid captain or mass increase. Spirit absorption could be nice I guess. Maybe barricade if you have a dedicated support with good shield coverage. The 5th gets kind of weird for GS imo. Heavy armor honestly isn’t an option late game. It isn’t beneficial to get used to it, only to remove it later and get nuked by everything. It’s better to floor mat Argos than Brelshaza.

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Thats not true, a dead dps do less dps than a heavy armor one and that is a fact.

At least go ether predator instead of heavy armor even if you’re trolling.

grudge adren kbw pk SA would be best if ur not used to grudge yet. GS is heavy on knowing mechs and being able to react to mechs with roll when locked. knowing what skills u can cancel without roll is 100% required to play effectively. having your mobility skills leveled up before getting a bunch of lvl 11 skills is better to give you more space. if a paladin is in your raid make sure u are in the same group as the paladin since its hard to get healed by bard as range. once you are used to grudge change your SA for CD since you will have more then enough mobility to get around. pistol stance is your best friend and always try to go back into it to reposition.

As soon as u use heavy armor ur losing an entire dps engraving so it essentially cuts ur grudge bonus by half making it worthless. U picked a glass cannon so deal with it, theres no pnt trying to make a glass cannon more tanky, if anything, u should make the glass cannon even higher dps and more glass. If u don’t like it’s squishiness u should reroll coz trying to make a gs tankier is never gonna work out well and ul do abysmal dps compared to other classes.

Whats also a fact is, rolling a tankier class without heavy armor is gonna out dps his heavy armor gs easily and still be more tanky thus making the gs kinda redundant.

The only players that should be using Grudge are players who enjoy dying.

Seriously, stop using Grudge. No one cares about your numbers because NA crit numbers are absolute garbage. Stop trying to change it.

No counter = no grudge. It’s the new rule (it isn’t but should be).

How about using grudge and also not dying? If u can’t even achieve that u have no hopes of clearing the later raid content coming out later.