Gunslinger guns

@Roxx would you guys be able to have the guns dissapear or have them holstered?
Sometimes it looks kinda annoying with everyone’s weapon being holstered and then you have me standing there with my guns out like im about to shoot someone at any time.



Don’t have a deadeye, but true my bad! Forgot about that one!

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believe me… i can’t count how many times i cringed especially from the cutscenes :joy:

LMAO same here hahahahahaha

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It’s the most american thing though.

It’s the little things :slight_smile:

Its the little things that makes it better tbh

It’s really weird to me that both Gunslinger and Deadeye have this going on. You’d think that Smilegate RPG would have gone ‘Oh, while we are releasing the mirror, we should go back and do holster animations.’

Especially odd when Artillerist/Blaster, Scouter (as far as I’m aware) and Sharpshooter do have holster animations.

They probably got lazy and didn’t want to do 3 holster animations. Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle.