Gunslinger mains crit or percentage dmg?

Guys I’m trying to figure out what’s a better dmg booster on my gunslinger for the target down ability? higher crit or percentage dmg?

Steady aim or heaven calls? When to use either or?

What’s consider low crit for heaven calls for example?

As of right now, how I have it understood is that when low crit chance percent damage is better, and if higher crit chance, then increasing it should do more dmg. is this correct?

For example, my crit on my gunslinger is around 900 which shows crit around 30%. Obviously, this crit goes up to around 45% with peacemaker engraving. Trying to see what’s better overall. I do see Koreans use steady aim even with higher crit chance than us in NA.

What’s better early game, and late game?

Sorry I know these are a lot of questions. I do know a lot of this comes to Math, which I’m not sure how to perform. And not trying to follow blindly a specific path just trying to understand how this works a bit better. Thanks everyone!

guns sucks =/

Get your crit to about 1200

did you rly just dig out a 5 months old post, darn grave digger

but back to the old question take steady aim as 120% more dmg is allways better than 197% crit dmg(something close to 100% dmg boost) that only woks on bosses who are below 50% hp
and go full crit on a peacmaker build with necklace swift and crit

You don’t want full crit because you are overcapping. You can go crit to around 1200 ish and use your preference of swift spec.

not sure how you over cap in peacemaker gunsling max crit gives about 58-60% crit adrenaling( if used) up to 15% crit debuff also 10% und only on shot gun +15% ust 83-85% on rifle/gun and 98-100% on shotgun jeah you can use the crit card set or you lose 5% crit on shotgun but with future changes the crit rate gets lowered on shotgun by 5% so i so no overcap here

i dunno something called synergies but yeah you def can overcap. reason why most gunslingers are 1200 - 1300 crit. Don’t forget your pet buff.