Gunslinger missing skin

Can you add this? In kr this skin came out when the gs was released.


I’ll see if I can get any info on this skin for you. However I cannot promise anything!


I mean you might as well forget about it. It’s a Yoz Jar Skin, happy to buy if released as-is but I’ll pass on gamba.

This is indeed the Season 1 Legendary Skins for Gunslinger.

Its what made me choose Gunslinger to main, and what made me hop the fence to play Lost Ark.

AGS decided to remove them permanently though. So whales like me have quit the game, until I get bored of following news of this game, or they put the skins back into the game.

Either way, that’s one less whale selling you BCs and driving the prices down. Have fun with 4k gold/95 BC.


when the first season came out gs wasnt released yet. This skin is the skin that came out with the class. it’s the same thing that happened here with arcanist and lancemaster, when they came out they had their skins.

hope we get aniversary skin soon and yoz jar too

Hope so too, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for good decisions to be made.

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any new info about the skin?

this was the gunslinger release skin, the one with garter belt was legendary from yozs jar ergo, we will not be seeing it anytime soon

Unfortunately no news at this time.

This skin appears in the game menu for GS, if its not obtainable and permanently removed, please remove all splash screens from in game. Otherwise, it’s false advertising.

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This right here.

Only reason I even got convinced to install and play Lost Ark was for its supposed fashion, but AGS dropped the ball on this aspect of the game.

Then waiting months for the Legendary Skins, and it just gets shelved.

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to add on top of that, the “version” that we see in the game when is loading is censored xd

Tbh it looks good even censored, I do like the Wingsuit/Bikini Skins but prior to that the skin selection was pretty rough.