Gunslinger nightmare set

So i am using nightmare set on gunslinger and it seems impossible to hit 30% mana… so as it is nightmare set is just a damage buff. Am i missing something or there is someway to hit 30% mana on gunslinger?

you want to get the damage buff, the low mana buff is only really useful for full swiftness classes and i think out of those only piano reflux sorc utilizes the low mana nightmare

i see… so then salvation seems better because you also get 10% atk speed on top of same amout of dmg

The point is not hitting 30% mana. Nightmare is DPS set and should be wore to increase DPS. However you should check yourself the damage difference between 6 NM and 6 Salvation.

so i currently have 4pc nightmare 2pc salvation… is there even any point of getting 6pc nightmare the damage differece seems really small

Salvation 2 set is basically useless on its own so yes get 6 piece nightmare

you want damage, first bonus from nighmare is multiplicative…just play thte game later you can switch to another set free and test your trixion damage and choose what you prefair

salvation 2 set gives 14% dmg at max stack and nightmare give 15% dmg at 6 set… so its only 1%

At end game for gunslingers you get to pick between full salvation or full nightmare.

Typically the salvation set is used with a full crit and spec build with no swiftness. You would use the new 7M build where you use 7 damaging skills (4 rifle skills, two shotgun with no shotgun rapid fire, and bullet rain on pistol). The salivation attack speed bonus makes up for the lack of swiftness.

The nightmare set is used with a main stat crit, secondary swiftness (on neck), and can choose to have one spec accessory. For example 1200 crit, 400-500 swiftness, and like 200-300 spec or could use swiftness instead of spec. Normally you would use the standard build for this set (3 rifle and 3 shotgun with shotgun rapid fire).

KR streamers recommend nightmare for beginners since the swiftness is more forgiving and you don’t lose your damage buff when you take damage at 30% hp like salvation set. But they also say the damage ceiling for a high skilled player is higher with salvation and the 7M build

Okay i did read what it does and well its okay meaby but i would still go with Nightmare Set

I find myself hitting that 30% very often during certaian raids (like guardian raids for example).

I don’t think you are supposed to hit that 30% unless you want to intentionally hit it knowing that after you spammed all your skills, you gotta take a walk and do some gimmicks / mechanics for a while so you want all the skills to come up again shortly… (like for example, when boss becomes invincible for a little while)

I can provide you with some useful info. I won’t post link cause I’m not sure it’s accepted but I will guide you to a guy on YouTube whose channel name is: Named. If you type Named Gunslinger I’m pretty sure you’ll find him. In his channel page if you click the community tab you’ll find a post about nightmare vs salvation set which explains the math behind two sets. I hope you find it useful.