Gunslinger not difficult enough

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The belief that Gunslinger are generally called Floorslinger or that the difficulty mastering this class won’t reward you with dmg-MVPs confuses me.

Gunslingers (or Deadeyes) performing bad doesn’t reflect the class beeing bad. The problem is the player him-/herself. Do you really think that putting 100% more brainjuice and APM means you are entitled to do 100% more damage than other classes? Compare this class to real-life-services: Buying a new grafic card that performs like 20% better than the previous one doesn’t mean it will only cost you 20% more. Prices, for a better endproduct, normally rises exponentially. And I do think gunslinger deals enough damage to be MVP if iLvL, gems, Tripods etc. are the same when comparing the other classes.

The only thing that stings me is the class engraving (especially Peacemaker) doesn’t really compliment the difficult of a gunslinger in terms of the uptime of the buffs when swapping stances. Instead of the usual uptime of 9 sec (which is insanely long for me) why not decrease it to 6 sec. Meanwhile to reward the players who truly mastered the class put a buff bonus (like having an increase of 50% of that stance bonus - a bit exaggerated) for the first 3 sec which, after that, falls down to the usual buffs for the remaining time of 3 sec.
For instance: Lv 1 Handgun-Stance provides +8% attackspeed for 6 second. This stance is enhanced to +12% attackspeed for the first 3 seconds.

To prevent the enhanced buff to be cheesed (like just swapping back and forth) put the requirement of having at least 1 Skill used in the previous stance.

It further increases the skill-ceilling AND rewards players for juggling stances instead of using all sniper skills before swapping to another stance.

And for the point that gunslinger are squishy: I already have Grudge Engraving and would gladly take a copy of it if possible. You are very mobile that mitigates your squishyness. Many players probably missuse the dodge-ability as another mobility-skill or to get out of a shotgun-stance. I never died to normal mechs in Vykas HM.

Gunslingers who say this class is a glass(cannon) and dies too often are just covering up their own mistakes eating all attacks like a garbage bin on a festival any%-speedrunning their death.

And gunslinger-party synergy are bonkers.

Because making players manage lower buff uptimes is directed related to player skill right?

You want ppl stance dancing every 3 seconds? that sounds really fun. Doing optimal rotations only means you are a trained monkey.

GS are not harder, they are just not as easy as other classes.
This is an action game, being good ins a group is much more than toping dps or managing buff uptimes. Thank god you are not a dev.

edit: and GS is the squishiest class, thats a fact. Also GS is not a glass cannon, just glass. GS is steady dmg, not burst.

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Gunslinger main pls report this post. This is defnitely trolling

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as someone that plays 12 classes. this is not true. sure assume im a bad gunslinger. then go take a look at the top gunslingers in the region and compare their performance. same lvl of investment in gems? shadowhunters are ROFL. how many dps gems does a maxed out gunslinger need? does any class need as much investment as gunslinger?
gunslinger damage is backloaded. cancelling out of skills isnt the issue. when sorcs cancel out their skills dont go into cooldown.
sure it has mobility. if u know mechanics a lot of ur mobility dont even get used. its really a jack of all trades master of none. yes its party synergy is bonkers thats about it. guess its just a crit synergy master.

Requiring more dmg gems doesn’t make it more expensive for most people. There is almost no difference in pricing between a damage and cool down gem unless ur trying to go for lvl 10 which only whales or rmt can afford.

shadowhunters need 2 gems to be on par with a gemmed out GS. lol more damage gems? im not talking about cooldown vs damage. im talking about how many gems you even need to keep up.



Just go time to hunt 3 peace maker 1 precise dagger and hit master it makes gun slinger manageable fun

failed troll… clearly mains something else.

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Yeah, great majority of GS players just suck, I was never so sure about it than now after doing 2 weeks of HM Vykas

LMAO ya okay buddy if you get mvp on slinger chances are you were vs another 1 of the bottom tier classes , that player was terrible and /or the sorc was playing with 1 hand

Or you just suck, I am playing deadeye and whenever GS comes to party I can see that person dying and/or being unable to do any basic mech. I have no idea why this class is so popular, and on top of that I don’t get how people can be that bad with it if it’s not that hard.

It’s a popular class and most people at this game are just straight up bad. So most gunslingers are going to be bad and it’s easy to see because there are a lot of them.

I completely agree. On the other hand I am stuggling to understand why did it became popular on the first place and I can’t believe that it’s only because of 1 or 2 tierlists that were floating around the release.

It’s 100% because of what they heard from tier lists, guides, streamers, etc. Its why you see 30 Gunslingers for every 1 Deadeye.

That is literally what harder means.

I have a 1500 deadeye EW main and a 1445 gs alt

GS feels braindead easy as I dont have the burden of being a back attack slave anymore

I can afk 1 screen away and still land my highest damage skills as exaggeration
Even when i swap to shotgun i dont even have to worry about losing dps if the boss moves even 1 inch forward since its a hit master class

All these people saying its 2 stances vs 3 stances dont understand that this means nothing at all when it comes to difficulty because swapping weapons should be second nature to you and you should always default in handgun stance anyway

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Thought of doing this, until I remembered that time to hunt disables your shotgun stance. I like cycling between the 3.

For me cycling between 3 and getting close to deal damage was too hard (since you have to dodge mechanics and pistole have movent skill while shot gun didnt)

I remember this being a huge problem, but you get used to it, specially if you know the animations and hitboxes of your enemy.

What I do is, I use the shotgun when I have a dash available (and one of the skills you can cancel it by changing stances so I don’t need to use a dash), and when I use the sniper, I get as far as possible using my peestol (after applying a crit debuff) and then shoot.