Gunslinger overall damage

Hiya, I haven’t yet gone into Argos and I’m a little concerned for Valtan and other legion raids I’ve seen a lot of people post on forums that they generally wont take GS/DE players because the classes are more skill-based to pilot and squishy so there can be a perception of a lot of bad players and it not worth the risk to take them.

Since I have a few characters in T3 currently GS being my main I’m curious if completely optimised she can compete with the other high damage classes zerker, sorc, blade and if it’s worth continuing with her for high level content or would I be better off going back to my sorc or blade in legion raids? Also worth noting I use Peacemaker engraving because I find losing the shotgun to be incredibly boring. I’m just mostly curious if at the highest level her damage can compete with (or excel?) the prior mentioned classes.

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I have a T3 GS alt that I regularly play on. Haven’t reached Argos yet but honestly I don’t look forward to it. Overall damage isn’t the issue, it’s the long animation locks that is a huge disadvantage in Argos. Although with that said, it’s not impossible to do, considering I’ve managed to stay alive and cleared enraged Albion as the last dps standing. There’s just more dedication to constantly reposition and know when you can sneak in an attack.

But yes it does mean the player makes a big difference.

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Yeah I know she’s a very mechanical and skill expressive class, I just want the reassurance that if I can excel on her it’ll be worth it you know? I don’t want to effectively play perfectly and have a zerker unga bunga or sorc just pressing her identity to like, double my damage, I’m happy playing GS and I like getting the comments like “usually GS sit on the floor but you played well gj.”

I’m just looking for reassurance in Argos/Valtan I’ll actually perform with heaviest hitters. (I know staying alive is more important than damage but having all the work not be for nothing is important to me.)

Realistically GS isn’t going to catch up to zerker/sorc level of damage, assuming the players are relatively skilled at their class. If you enjoy playing GS, then stick with it. There’s nothing wrong with playing an off meta class and excel at it. You can still clear end game content and hold your own ground in a group.

GS is fine as long as you dont die.
She doesnt have the highest dps but she is above average, her only problem is being too squishy, so if you are good you wont have any issue. And getting into parties isnt rly problem and most likely wont be, koreans are just way more toxic/strict in video games

I’d like to think I’m a pretty consistent player and I’ve been told, “sorry I don’t let GS into my groups they die too much and do bad damage”

I guess I’m just hoping that particular thing won’t always keep happening.

well of course there will be people like that, but this mindset is pretty much only caused cuz of korean streamers making fun of squishy classes. im pretty confident that being declined cuz of class wont happen too often.

If you don’t die, you are good.
lLast night when I did Argos with my Wardancer the GS players took all the lives and keep on dying constantly and pretty fast too.

Yes, GS is squishy but you have at least 3 Handgun skill to easier dodge/movement.
Peacekeeper at level 4
That skill that you move forward and increase attack speed, I forget the name.

And like every other class, you have space bar. And suppose to have high swiftness. This is why, I’m a believer of stats > engraving.

Also, I’m sure GS can take one or two hits. I think the player last night was bad and very cheap regarding his potion uses, the worse combination of GS players

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now im more afraid to do argos with my gs when i hit the min ilvl for it
why? 200ms will i guess that explain everything :sweat_smile:

Oh boy… 200ms gunslinger. Better make a warlord.
Jk. Hope it’ll get better (the ping).

Ps, I play GS too, she’s 1340 now. I used to play her alot before they ban exitlag. Now that my ping is higher (150-170ms)… I bench her.

I have good ping, and I’m generally a consistent and mechanic-first type of player, I just wanted to know that if I become very skilled at a gunslinger’s mechanics that all that effort wouldn’t just end in subpar damage. Because I also have a sorc, blade, demonic T3 that I could be playing instead for less effort and high damage

Gunslinger have one of the highest dmg in the game but require more skill then sorc , db and zerker… personaly i always take gunslingers in my groups sure there might be an extra wipe or to but with good suport play i dont think its an big issue… might change my mind when harder content comes tho… farming velganos in 2 man with set synergy paladin (my main) and a gs is really fast snd smooth to i think

GS Damage is not that at the point where its competing with other top top classes, pretty mid in my opinion. Big disparity to the amount of work needed to play this squishy class.

if you build GS well and play well you do actually have very similar damage to sorcs / zerks, only thing that you wont be able to reach is a good surge deathblade, i have a 1420 sorc main and a 1370 gunslinger alt and i can tell that its going to be in similar dps output as long as you get to constantly rotate your skills

just make sure you get an engraving build like

peacemaker 1
adrenaline 2
hit master 3
keen blunt 3
grudge 3

and if you go for the preordained argos set you can pull accessory stats away from crit and put them into swiftness or even partially into spec, you only need like 850 crit stat for this build to be highly viable, so only necklace + 2 earrings crit, now you can allot the 2nd necklace stat and the 2 rings to however much swiftness or spec you want, i personally went all swiftness for faster skill casting speed and cooldowns but you can certainly do necklace swiftness and then both rings spec or anything like that

also all the other really high dps classes are very happy with the gunslinger synergy so i dont think you should have issues finding any groups
oh right, one more thing gunslingers are kinda expensive in terms of tripods, like there are many more tripods that you want on max than other classes that dont rely on this many skills to carry their damage so getting your tripods sorted out early will help your dps substantially

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I just don´t get why people can´t talk without disrespecting someone.

A player plays classes that you don´t, and often outdamage you by far, this does not mean they are playing ¨unga whatever the hell means that¨ classes.

Let´s say you are sweating on your GS, as you should, cause that´s how this class works. If another specific class invests the same level of concentration at a given time you can bet your ass you will be outdamaged.

This does NOT mean the rest of classes are for children, or that you are actually better than anyone for having to think extra in order to make it work.

I do have a tier 2 GS and I have never been MVP, never. I do not say anything cause I know I am only doing decent. Now, when I pick my main I know I am gonna be MVP before the chaos dungeon or guardian raid ends, cause I main it and I invested 400 hours on him.

Chill out, maybe you just need to invest extra time to learn your thing, and respect other classes and playstyles even if they are easier to main.

She has a lot of animation lock for her to do damage. So knowing boss patterns is very important. But other than that, great class if you start to ge the hang of it. She deals damage from a very safe range even in her shotgun stance. While she might not be the greatest dps dummy trixion wise, you can easily get MVPs if you play well.

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I was watching a Korean streamer saying two classes they don’t recruit are gunslingers and reapers due to how easily they can die

Atk qote and that also includes deadeyes, thats just him tho and he also says that he dont have anything against playing with them if he knows that the player is good and know the fight… its just that those classes takes more skill and chances are higher that a player is good enough for a raid on a easyer class

Any time to hunt gunslingers? Currently playing peacemaker but going to switch to time to hunt right after valtan release with the relic gears.

he wasnt disrespecting anyone? its no secret that sorc and zerker and even deathblade to a lesser degree are terribly easy to play in comparison, thats all he said, he just mentioned that those classes dont require nearly as much mechanical work and skill to be performing at the same level and that is literally true by the word