Gunslinger (Peacemaker) Set

Can someone please tell me what relic set gunslinger builds? …and which sub stats.

  • Nighmare flower Set
  • Poem of Salvation
  • Swiftness or Specialization sub stats

Hello my friend, Guns main 1520 ilvl here. Well right now we have 2 main builds for sets on Guns, Salvation and Nightmare.

Salvation (the most common right now) uses 1100 crit and 700 spec if u run adrenaline, if dont u gan go 1600 crit and 500 spec (thats my case, because i have LOS 18 and i run cursed doll over adrenaline, so i need the extra crit for my keen blunt). This build is very easy to play and if u have a sup with Yearning it will be great, but u have to keep in mind that if u go under 30% hp you will lose the salvations stacks and thats a lot of dps lost. This build is the most common because the salvation stacks gives u a boost on swift that really helps on the animations locks that guns has (almost all skills locks you, so be sure to have the spacebar ready when u need to use the sniper instance).

Nightmare gives u the most damage between the two specs in all times (not that much btw), u run that build with 1000 crit, 500 spec and 500 switf, can go a litte more on spec or crit. Guns almost never run out of mana, so the buff of nightmare are 100% uptime and thats where the damage boost come, but, if u run a raid without an sup, your mana can go to 0 real fast and thats where the problem starts on this spec, because u will lose the nightmare buff and thats about 30% dmg boost, so its a problem.

What i can recommend for you is:

If you are an skilled player that nows how and when use the skills, go for salvation and u will be very happy with the class, otherwise, go for nightmare.

If u wanna do big damage, go for Nightmare from the start.

If you have any doubts, just ask.

Sorry for my english, i hope that you be able to understand.


Are you serious?

Yeah, Salvation is the most common set on Gunslinger in our current patch, at least in SA servers.

crit spec with Salvation set

Also, this information is on the Community Guide from Gunslingers.

Nightmare with 1200crit, 800 spec with lvl 9 cd at least is the highest damage and meta build and it even gets better if you gave blue or higher quality weapon.

Salvation in particular only used in hellmodes because there is no weapon quality and have some defense feature or it is run during bussing by GS who don’t have swiftness stats in their build.

For pure PVE with support yearning nightmare is the best.

level 9 gems .Are you smoking? Most player has lv 9 gems?

Yes salvation is recommended for newbies which doesn’t make the build meta.

Just run 350-400 swiftness with lvl 7 gems until you have lvl 9.

I believe in you, but i do say in my comment that Nightmare build does more damage, its just not the common one. And yeah, salvation needs 4 lvl 10 gems to be this good spec, but i just answer his question.

Sorry, didnt now that i was talking with an pro.

I mean everything you stated is right but you said Salvation is the most used among GS which is entirely wrong and I have not seen a single GS on NAW using salvation.

Well, in SA i dont see any GS using Nightmare, so i just share what i see :frowning:

Always go for bigD damage builds other options are just for your comfort which doesn’t matter in long run once you get hang of the class.

Ultimate Big numbers = Crit Spec Nightmare (you need yearning support and maybe leash a DB)
Stable slightly smaller numbers = Crit Spc Salvation

Understand this, both these builds NEED high lvl CDR gems to play and rotate ‘somewhat’ smoothly, you can try in trixion and you will notice the downtime on shotguns and rifle either way. Adding swift is recommended to compensate that. But yea, you won’t hit as hard. Stat distribution depends on preference whether you want to gamba big numbers or crit more consistently, just as long as the numbers add up to a crit rate of 60% or more for KBW’s efficiency sake.

I personally run 1.2k crit and 900 spec and also have another build with 1.4 crit and 700 spec. Works with either salv or nightmare and also depends whether I have a crit synergy in party or no.

all the top gunslinger in kr run salvation , this nightmare thing is outdated . People finally understand that the most attack speed you have on gs the better. Also i wouldn’t recommend to go full spec without yearning lvl 3 and lvl 9-10 cd gems . If you go full spec atleast have lvl 9 cd gems please . I’m tired of seeing all those gs crit/spec with lvl 7 cd gems you literally doing less dps that if you had crit / spec / switf.

and please just stop talking about thing you don’t know. saying salvation is for hellmode and newbie ? Literally clueless. People like you who spread misinformation are the worst

Nightmare is the most popular and the easiest to play since you have swiftness to help with mobility and CD’s.

I have checked loawa right now,

13 of 20 top gs players are using nightmare