Gunslinger real problem

Does the gunslinger have the worst glow for weapon? I see other classes and their weapons shine way cooler than the guns from the gunslinger


Doesn’t matter who wants glowing guns, i don’t like glowing weps in general but glowing guns is even more stupid.

Reaper is worst for what I’ve seen but for sure is a close call and by far worst than the res

yep i have my GS main at 1460 and the glow is kind of weak. looks like donut super soaker guns haha.

Could definitely use better glow than stupid donuts, I agree wholeheartedly.

Well, the fact that you don’t like the glow system doesn’t make it stupid

Its a gun… glowing…

I mean i can’t feasibly think of a way you could make a gun glowing not look silly.

I’m disabling every shiny s**t by default. Problem solved :slight_smile: