Gunslinger sucks and nobody wants them for pugs

GUNSLINGER is terrible compared to other classes, the balance is not even close you have sorcs EASILY doing 50% more damage, i almost dont blame people for not picking up gunslingers. Most expensive/hardest class to play with dog water dps, and the most insane amount of damage taken due to animation locks ,long cast times and low survivability from the get-go. where does this leave gunslingers? playing pug roulette 24/7, with no gold and ultimately/eventually makiing a new main.


EDIT: its not a skill issue, so try again


u ever tried the male gunslinger?


I have not

after that u see what realy sucks


male with only orange skill selection is pretty dope

I mean i dont disagree and im sure there are other classes in the same boat, but my point still stands

Dont think any class in this game sucks, but the person controlling it sure does.
Gunslinger is one of the most played classes in hellmodes but its very high skill class and not everyone can play it.


Thats understandable, i main gunslinger myself and sometimes wish I was on MVP screen. Gunslinger damage will need to be buffed for animation lock skills, such as focus shots’ first 3 bullets.

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Gunslingers are awesome, they do crazy damage as well. Idk what you are talking about.

Only issue is too many skill locks and damage is being gated on last hits.

Sorcs need to land their skills to get MVP btw, which is harder than playing a gunslinger itself.


Funny my GS alt is on the MVP screen way more than its not, often beaten by supports.
But damage wise its almost always cruel fighter, I think its a l2p issue more than the class itself.


Have u played with players equal ur skills? I play with static guild friends who got the same build (skill points, gem, ilvl) as me with a different class. I have never beaten them and they play artillerist, shadowhunter, deathblade, sorcerer. Not to mention skillwise, we are the same. Even ATK says gunslingers are weak atm. I got MVP against random pug on valtan hard. Mostly because i survived the ghost phase due to gunslingers mobility

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You should just play the class you enjoy. SG balances this game on a very regular basis. (FYI, there’s like 2-3 more balance patches coming). The next one should be announced this weekend during LOA ON in KR.

So don’t worry if you’re playing a class with worse dps atm. Just look at SF. People consider it trash a few months back but now its like one of the new meta dps because of the recent buff.

Btw you rerolling main everytime there’s a balance patch because you’re a ‘META ANDY’ will cost you WAY MORE TIME & GOLD.

I guarantee if GS gets an insane buff in the next balance patch, those people saying GS is dogshit will be say GS needs nerf or just reroll to GS main.

Btw in KR, GS is still a very popular class that people want for end game raid and the dps is still top-tier. NA players in general have lower skill compared to other regions and GS is one of the hardest class to play and hits it maximum ceiling. I still see people with crit/spec gunslinger and 0 swiftness but complain about being animation lock. :rofl:


ATK said gunslinger was weaker than gunlancer, but everything is weaker than gunlancer lol.
Saintone also said gunslinger is the most picked dps for hellmodes.
I wouldnt take what streamers say at face value.
The classes in this game are all extremely balanced and can preform well when played right.
Some are harder than others to get the damage numbers, but from a number perspective every class is balanced. infact stuff like dead eye or back attackers are the most overpowered classes dps wise on a fight like trixion. but in real encounter their numbers even out due to positionals and skill required to play them.

Incorrect. My reflux sorc can braindead mash any key off cooldown and it’s MVP 100% of the time. I dont think ive ever not MVPd on my Sorc.

Something I get maybe 40-50% of the time on my Sharpshooter (which has better gear, better engravings, way more time investment).

It’s actually really disheartening to see my Sorc getting MVP every run with 50-60% of the damage share whilst basically just mashing whatever button comes up next.

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Enough to cry seriously the gunman did not get. Damage drop like Brasker you just need the right equipment and it takes time

Excuse me? I’m a main gunslinger and i do outdps sorcs. It’s a hard class and you need to know bosses inside out on all animations and mechs but that’s honestly true for all classes since knowing that lets you dps more freely. Don’t blame the class if you are either bad on the class or bad on action games bc you don’t know how to manage animations and position yourself. I have zero problems getting on parties btw.

If you dying on lock animation you don’t know the time to dps or the skill you can use on that time available, that’s not a class problem, that’s a game skill problem

Do you even do the basic of using the quick step for the attack speed before using any shoot or riffle skill? Bc that’s a basic i see a lot of gunslingers not even doing

90%+ of NA gunslinger player base doesn’t know how to build and play the class properly to hits its dps ceiling


As a 1470 gunslinger main with 2 other gunslinger alts above 1370, i agree it doesn’t do as much damage as other classes right now.

The main problem is shotgun skills and focus shot having a long ass animation, and the other one is noticeable delay in input when switching weapons. Sometimes the stance switch inputs are ignored if you input too fast, leading to clunky gameplay.

Among hit master classes, gunslinger is probably the 3rd best behind artillerist and sorc. And compared to ambush master classes, it doesn’t do much damage period and in order to get cruel fighter, you are at the mercy of other dps’ incompetence rather than your own mastery.

I am actually in the process of swapping to shock scrapper. As the game matures,back attack classes like deathblade and scrapper will bave way more dmg for experienced players.

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Idk man, you say your reflux sorc gets MVP 100% of the time with 60% damage dealt, am I supposed to take you seriously.


Don’t really care if you do.

It’s the truth. You can choose to believe it or you can choose to refute it.

Won’t change the facts.