Gunslinger time to hunt dmg vs peacemaker

I i have two different chars one with each of these builds, same item level and weapon level.

time to hunt buid is grudge, keen blunt, time to hunt, cursed doll adren 2 and peacemaker 1

for peacemaker i have grudge, hit master, adrenaline, peacemaker, keen blunt

at item leve 1480 the damage for tth is far higher.

Doing kung guardian the tth damage seems double peacemaker. can someone advise if during scaling at some point will peacemaker do more dps.

I assume you are running peacemaker and adrenalin 3 instead of the usual cursed doll 3, adrenaline 2 and peacemaker 1? In addition which relic set are you playing with both and how is the stat distribution each? And ofc the weapon quality plays a huge role is this kinda similar on both gunslinger?

yea there both only around 55 quality weapon. yes peace and adren at 3 from what i hear pm3 is best way to go atm

stats for pm is crit with spec on necklace
tth is opposite its spec with crit on necklace

It is almost certain that you’re playing PM poorly. You should consider uploading videos of your play for better feedback.

Its nothing to do with playing poorly. Its a numbers game. The unti in tth is hitting for 56 mill. The rifle shots are hitting for double what they do in pm.

The dmg from the two shotgun abilities at this level doesnt come close to the reduction in dmg from the rilfe abilities.

Nvm shouldnt have asked on “” forgot the stanard ego stroking response here is your just playing as good as me thats why your abilities hit for half the dmg

Where did you compare the damage? If you are playing pm3 then ofc above 50% boss HP you do kinda low dmg. PM biggest strength is dmg uptime with TTH you have way to many cooldown on skills that actually do dmg ( you can ignore pistols ofc lol) and i think if you play your PM gunslinger with spec only from necklace this is for sure not enough ^^ depending on relic set you should aim for 750-1200 spec then the dmg numbers are closing up to TTH ( salvation lower spec because more dmg from set, halluzination more spec because more crit from set)

Wait i didnt know this you have 2 spec accessories in pm? I was always told you go crit with spec necklace

If iam correct i personally play necklace + 1 ring spec + spec pet. I know i know i loose a few stat points because spec is not my main stat but it’s just the little extra i feel confortable with ^^ I can share a few screenshots when iam home (then people can more accurate blame me how shitty my gs is geared)

What’s the point of being fragile and sensitive when asking for help? The reality is you’re loud and wrong. TTH rifle damage does not double peacemaker even when the boss is above 50% hp if you’re building properly. How much spec are you running on the peacemaker build? You should be around 800+ spec. Shotgun hits hard on peacemaker, given that you have the correct setup, so your statement that shotgun doesn’t make up for it is false. Shotgun actually more than makes up for the loss in sniper damage.

There’s no set in stone way to build it, it depends on your Engraves and eventually Bracelet. Adr3 requires 1537 Spec for 100% Shotgun Crit, so aiming for ~1500 post-Bracelet is fine. That’s one Ring swapped to Spec.

Performance wise would need to understand how op is rotating skills and utilizing uptime. TTH has bigger numbers with filler time, but does shine if you Crit and land everything. Especially at lower Gem levels the high Spec has a profound impact on damage output, whereas once you get higher CD Gems PM becomes very smooth to play.

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Spec on necklace and 1 earring + Pet and Salvation set. Not very high level but still easy to out dps 1510 dudes in Vykas or Clown