Gunslinger voice 2 no laughing sound

While laughing like a psychopath in voice 1,
İt sounds like a karate player in voice 2,
but there is a laughing sound when choosing it, missing the audio file?

I have never heard my own character laugh at all.

if possible can you replace my character’s voice with 1?

Name : IwâitformeI thrain

Dear admins, any help will be welcomed. if possible i just ask to transfer the voice from 2 to 1

Thanks for reporting this! I’ll get this thread over to the development team for you!

thank you sir. it kind of bugs me I normally play the game with the sound off but I noticed it while pvp. sounds like scrapper when attacking. Almost t3 . please change my character voice from 2 to 1

Not a problem, unfortunately I have no power in changing the character voice myself, but I’ve sent this thread over to the development team for further review.

I’ve been waiting for how many days someone can help me, I sent tickets everywhere but I never got a response, it’s very sad. Deleting the character will probably be the only solution.

Customization token should also let you change the voice, among other things.

here voice 2: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

and this is voice 1 : Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

that’s the only sound the character makes: hya hyaaaaa hyaa

can it be bought in exchange for gold?

Unfortunately, I cannot change this problem myself. As an update though I have sent it over to the development team to be looked into.