Gunslinger/deadeye Weapon Holster

Please let us holster our weapons instead of having them glued to our hands all of the time. Nothing like watching a cutscene and moving the big rifle in one hand while toon claps with both.


Yeah, she’s the only char with that issue.

I really do wonder if they will ever implement letting us holster or just straight up hide weapons(while out of combat). Do you guys think that would be too difficult to achieve?


Feels really wierd to keep holding my weapons on my deadeye all the time :expressionless:

This issue is getting more and more annoying. I really hope they let us holster our weapons out of combat or straight up disappear.

Yeah I agree. Sniper would look cool on the back like borderlands snipers.

Bump. Where is this mechanic? Even a simple weapon hide mechanic? It’s not hard to implement. If it is hard, then the initial implementation and those responsible should be questioned.