Gunslingers are awkward to build

I think a lot of people are currently complaining about gunslinger’s DPS, as a gunslinger main i think the dps is fine but the bigger issue is how awkward it is to build a GS besides the difficulty required just to match the dps of much easier classes. she has 2 of the worst class engravings in the game, 1 that removes your shotgun and all your stagger with it, the other gives stats all over the place that is not useful beyond level 1. why does the peacemaker has to have random stats all over the place when the deadeye gets on switch the same buff on all 3 weapons. this also makes the stats building pretty bad as you cannot go full crit or it is useless on your shotgun but you cannot go full spec or you never crit on your sniper. not to mention that you need some swiftness or there will be major downtime between skill rotations. I think a good balancing change would be having the sniper buff on all 3 weapons instead of on only the sniper. this will probably require some tweaking of the numbers for that buff and maybe some skill damage too but at least the level 3 class engraving would be viable and also the class can have one main stat ( crit ) without having to invest in 3 different stats to be viable

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