Gunslingers Unite!

Hello peeps,

I want to put up the topic of Gunslingers being a little discriminated against compared to other DPS classes, just as Reaper will be, generally thanks to a few popular Lost Ark Streamers.

We out here playing Piano to deal damage and avoid boss attacks and mechanics, provide the whole party with +10% crit chance and, on top of that, dealing pretty dang good damage, are still considered worst class to accept, even with good engravings, stats and overall skill (which noone cares to even check as the stereotype is stronger)

It’s clear that some players are not able to play the class, and those ones stop playing around 1400 ilvl, if GS is 1445+ he has to know how to play the game and avoid attacks in-time and has so much mobility to cover up animation locks it’s mad.

But still, even at 1445+, I often notice that people accept lower overall ilvl fighters/sorc/berserks instead of GS, which is so unfair it makes me angry.

How is your experience as a gunslinger? We should raise awareness before Reaper gets into the bowl with us. It’s not about the class, it’s about the player

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stop making BS up, I’m a Gunslinger and I’m never discriminated against (EUC).

In fact, I MVP most of the groups I go with so… if people reject you because “your class” , they’re just ignorat f**ks


I play GS as an alt, with WD as my main. I think that we can’t really blame the people making lobbies, due to the lack of skill of some people as you mentioned. However, I will say the cards as stacked against GS as the other classes you have mentioned deal damage more reliably and easier, as well as providing the same synergies and more (i.e. wardancer). But I agree, I don’t have any problem with GS and I think more ppl should take the chance, esp at higher ilvls, where I find that GS’s are often pretty good

Gunslinger is really a good class but unfortunately managed by a lot of unskilled players. I need to admit that I’m one of those who would prefer rather a uncommon class (sharpshooter, artillerist…) or straight forward class like demonic instead of igniter sorc/gunslingers.

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you realize a bad sharpshooter/artillerist is 10 times worse than a bad igniter sorc / gunslinger?

I think your issue is you’ve been running in bad players rather than bad classes so stop thinking like that

I dunno about Sharpshooter but Artillerist is a straight forward class with a lot of damage, better utility than Sorc/Gunslinger and much thicker than probably any class besides gunlancer/supports.

Since I’m going to pug I don’t know if the player is good or bad. If it’s average or bad she will be in the floor most of the time so as I said I would rather prefer a straight forward/tanky class instead.

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I know how absolutely all classes work, as I know how all synergies work and I don’t discriminate classes by class. It turns out that, honestly, the skill of the players (in my region) I can’t say for all, although I imagine it’s the same, it’s well below average. Players with absurdly EASY classes like Sorcerer, wardancer, beserk, can’t deal damage. Therefore, I try my best to think of a composition (when I need to accept some random) that mixes: class facility x synergy. And the gunslinger doesn’t get into that question, because if I’m going to accept an easy crit gunner, I’ll accept a deadeye pistoleer. Do you understand the logic?

If in our version, the players had a matched gameplay base or at least not an absurd difference, I would choose the classes just for the synergy.

I’m a sharpshooter, who wouldn’t accept a sharpshooter in the party, because I know he’s not as easy to master as a beserk, and unlike me (which I can guarantee) I don’t know if the mate will be able to guarantee his damage.

EDIT: this bias would change if the company released the use of DPS meters that compare BETWEEN (EQUAL) CLASSES at the same level. We would know who tries hard and is good, and who is not. They wouldn’t stop accepting a good player exclusively for the class.

mind sharing your build? even if I hit the whole time I can’t get mvp

I just wanted to point out the fact you made a post about how people should not discriminate against certain classes, and then 12 minutes later you did it to two other classes. Bravo.

If you don’t - work on your Gems and Tripods, after your build is 7m-ish, you are aiming to hit everything with a rifle and have nice CD and DMG gems for rifle skills as well as tripods, shotguns is secondary.

And yeah, I know it hurts, but having Grudge is a must-have if you are looking to get MVPs for dmg IMO

LOL, nice attention my friend, have you at least compared nicknames before writing that? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m gunslinger main with an 1415 Artillerist alt and I can tell you that Art is 500% easier to player than GS.

On ilvl I bearly need to drink any pots for Valtan, and as a crit / swift spam build its so easy to get my dmg out, especially in ghost phase. With well-timed shield my chance of dying before ghost phase is extremely low and my 2 instant counters are also OP.

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Oh damn… your icons are the same and threw me off lol

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The fact that class is more difficult doesn’t mean you can’t perform on it as well, I personally manage to stay until ghostphase 98% of the time as GS, and 70% of times I am one of people finishing the boss off.

So yeah, even though some classes require more effort to play, it doesn’t mean everyone plays them badly automatically.

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I’d much rather have a bad artillerist than a bad igniter sorc and gunslinger.
I classify bad igniter sorcs as people who don’t use their identity skill and/or build it up fast enough, they might as well be a Reflux sorc at that point. I have seen many Ignite sorcs don’t bother with their identity and don’t do overlapping damage with their bursts. It’s almost ZDPS at that point.
As for a bad gunslinger, well, they get popped fast. Dead DPS = no DPS.

But if I had the choice among a bad Sorc or GS, I’d take a Gunslinger because of their damage and mobility. It could be me having PTSD over a few Sorcs that I’ve had in the past and I’m 100% sure not everyone is like how I described them. Also, most Gunslingers I’ve played with has done their job better as a DPS.

Also, people shouldn’t always take what people say in KR as a gauge and word of law. Some of those clips I see on Youtube are out of context or there is more context than what is being showed.

KR streamers going to scare NA into only playing sorc, blade, bard, zerker. lol

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Well, Artillerist definitely has a bigger room for mistakes than gunslingers… so you will need to actively dodge attacks and mechanics if you play a gunslinger and not be braindead parsing the boss.

On Valtan G2, I almost never use pots

ez classe = less chance of being bad.

in any case, at the end of the day those who play with difficult classes will have to prove themselves, and it is not possible to prove in party finder. Make your own parties with your friends or guildmates (a static), and have fun.

I.don’t disagree with your reply. I also play well on my GS after learning and dying a lot in week 1.

My point is simply that Bad Art can get away with a lot of things when bad GS will just be drop dead.

Ultimately you gotta admit that GS has pretty low dmg potential given the amount of efforts required. Any optimally played igniter sorc / surge deathblade / deathblow striker could easily win MVP over GS, no matter how well you play as a GS.

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I’ll have to say this, Gunslinger is not as hard as people say it is. That’s at least what I personally experienced being a Gunslinger main