Gunslingers Unite!

are you often mvp? staying alive is easy

yes I am often MVP

I only loose DPS fights to Berzerkers, sometimes to Sorcs, but they are very boss-dependent, some of them have to learn boss patterns in order to hit the long casting skills, resulting in missing them and dealing NO dmg.

Before Surge got nerfed it was impossible to win against, now tho, it’s much more realistic

No one class is hard for me, for example. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, i see A L O T, of players with very easy classe doing 0 dmg. Is just tath.

You guys fall off the edge in valtan more than anyone else

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sorry i have might not read the whole post . but sadly i started ditching gunslingers and sorc out of my raids . sorc i can take 1 in each team but gunslingers im not saying its a bad class but i gave my fair share it and i always ended up wasting my time cause gunslingers hugging the floor early raid and restarting . its not the class but the players

Yeah, and such approach makes GS players gain +10 ilvl for every content out there to be considered “Acceptable” to the party.

I haven’t seen anyone who would be as terrible with GS as people generally say, I am yet to see someone who would prove to me in practice that this class is often misplayed.

Besides, you probably suffered those difficulties in early content, being Argos P1-3 or Oreha Hards? Because if you encountered such individuals in Valtan hard on daily basis, I don’t know how it happened that they survived until then

Generally 1 out 10 floorslingers survive up to ghost phase, normal or hard mode.

Class that is made out of glass and has cursed doll and grudge is just bound to die and generally have 3 engraves because they are either cheap or don’t care, most common are grudge, CD and hitmaster with 1 peacemaker, sometimes people have KBW on top of that. But being probably squishiest class that doesn’t yield much higher numbers while sitting animation locked for most skills is just not some that will appeal to raid group.

Also they ALWAYS have to click stuff, they either sommersault, or spin around with guns trying to be faster while moving at same pace as any other class.

Again 1 out 10 is great player but since there is so many of them after 1415 things just manifest that way.


Yes because nothing screams skill like playing the easiest class engraving in the game which shares the same class with the hardest one.

Great logic on that one

i did come across some really good gunslingers god players if you will but the majority is time wasted on tries . im only talking about pugs . i dont have any issues with my pre slingers

No, actually I am often outrunning the Majority while running in Chaos Gates or Dungeons, it just feels good, don’t judge :flushed:

I was the floorslinger when I didn’t have enough swiftness and Adrenaline x3, but now it just feels impossible to die if you are not greedy with DMG

And I would argue about DMG numbers, with Grudge + Cursed Doll + Hit master + Adrenaline I rarely see white numbers that are not around 1,5 - 2 mil with my rifle or shotgun’s last attack, which is pretty high in my opinion

Never had any problem getting into groups since day 1 (NA West)

Okay then continue to play it and feel discriminated, what more do you want? You will feel great when you hit MVP since whole world is against slingers. Simple as that.

I will take any other class over sharpshooter, gunslinger simply because their stagger and destruction is bottom tier and their dmg is on par with every other class while on top of that they are squishy.

You can be god of this game when artillerist will output more damage and live longer on any given fight in this game atm. And I won’t even talk about his stagger.

At the end of the day people will play whatever they feel like and you won’t change people opinion and if I chose between GS or Arti/scrapper/wardancer/zerker, I will 10 out of 10 pick the latter.

We are not weak. We just need to play carefully and aggresively.

on item level raid.

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That’s kinda the key here.

Gunslinger needs to play aggresive and risk herself a bit. That’s why she has many escape tools.

I’m a Paladin main and Gunslinger was my first alt.

In my first few weeks of HM Valtan, Gunslingers MVP’d and they weren’t even overgeared, two different players.

If I could have a choice, I’d always have GS in my party. A class that really benefits from support, but when she has a good one it’s great. Idk why people think otherwise.

its not just gunslingers . deadeye even sorc gets some type of this as well . people are just tired of giving people chances ( well he might be a good slinger or he might be a good igniter )
its called floorslinger for a reason
i have no problem with the slingers that i usually run within my guild . but for pugs id def avoid some classes