Guy has "info" on g2g market and refuses to do anything with it only to make profit

Twitter thread on it. talk about it here would like to know what yall think. keep it nice tho.
Note: im bad at arguments probably wont go into it much anymore since i dont really care.

I would say ags hit him up but he wont help anyway unless you pay him probably

i guess what i wanna say with this post is, if people were less assholes, we would not be having rmt to begin with maybe, but we would also fix some problems :slight_smile:

I also find it funny that i was the one apparently flaming, but then im called a sheep and a dumbass for trying to enjoy the game


Is this shocking? I feel it’s more shocking that so many people are in denial of the amount of players that have RMT’d.

If they were to ban all players who have used RMT, the game would die.


don’t think it would die but there would be a lot less players for sure. i just thought it was a bit of an asshole move to just fully hate on the devs while you think youre much cooler cus you have this info that you wont give out. even though it is possible that it could change the game

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Probably fake, most top RMT players uses mule accounts to not get their main banned, I really doubt they use their main to buy gold in such sites lol.


pretty much the entirety of the gold sales on g2g are done through AH anyway so the seller wouldnt have an ign of even a mule account. at the very most an order number and an email associated with their paypal or credit card

No evidence, no screenshots, just “trust me bro”. Yea, totally not fake or anything.

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ngl, i didnt even think of it being possibly fake LMAO

the sellers have no reason to keep a secret list of buyers anyway. a lot of those botters are just regular people trying to feed their families and look forward to repeat customers. a reputation for keeping a list of people to burn in the end isn’t how you get people to buy.

smaller game l played before only had one large scale gold bot and it was a mid 40s dad making money for his kids


Not at all surprising. Most of the streamers don’t even hide it. All the “loans” from viewers and stuff…please.

Occasionally recording them paying someone back for good measure just in case.

99% of sales in G2G are done in AH so there is no name or anything of the seller, another reason to be fake.

I agree for one that there’s a lot of people that have already RMT’d. The problem is just regulating that market. With lesser bots in the picture, the higher the prices there will be in that market cuz it will be harder to get gold. Either way, the bots are the primary enemy. The bots dies = RMT market will drop as well.

EDIT: To add, this guy is probably lying. It’s common knowledge at this point that a lot of people RMT’d at the beginning of the game.

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I doubt it is real. RMTers that have a lot to lose have some sort of a dummy accnt. I think the names are just alts to where they have the gold sent, ike Realzzeals or something.

Judging by the amount of stupid people I have come across and the god complex people have when they haven’t been caught yet

I wouldn’t doubt some are so brazen at this point to do it on their mains outright

Because what’s gonna happen to them, huh

Pure hubris

Yes yes believe a person who crops out his photos just to not show his own gold amount and his name or guildname.

you got catfished hahah


who or what did you reply this to exactly?

AGS does ban RMTers, those who haven’t been banned yet is because they use mule accounts or they simply don’t buy bot gold (99% of sellers in G2G are selling bot farmed gold)

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