Guys, we're 9 months in, why do you have no gems?

Ok I think I legit understand why these cali’s are failing so much, especially in MM. Some of you motherfuckers have no gems. Im not even talking about like legit no gems, Im talking like lv 3-2 gems on 1490 alts. Actually nuts…

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People sold all gems and tried to get 100 qual on weapon > no gold, no gems

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Or they just cheap out like the people who don’t use bombs

I mean you cheap out on gems > no big number > flat brain no happy

Bro I fused all my gems to my main. IM CHEAP BROKE OK! so when i join with no gems carry me you whales :rofl:

or they forgot to swap from main

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:confused: Kinda lame ngl. Could at least equip full lv 5’s bro


My alts don’t get to have gems. Those get funneled to my main and fused. Then when I get a level 9 I sell it.

At least its kinda and not fully lame :rofl: jkjk im just trolling ahahaha

My alts have lv 5s until 1475, when they hit 1475 I’ll start combining lv 7s on them.

gems price is so low rn too , people are really cheapo

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