GvE Raid Bosses need WAY more health

You know that damage inflation has become a problem when the time it takes to walk over to the boss is the biggest bottleneck.

These guild activities need to be more involved that they are at the moment. Part of that includes buffing up their health pools so that raids take AT LEAST 60 seconds to complete with a fully leveled party. They are extremely anticlimactic to the point where I can’t get my guild members excited for them anymore. Nobody wants to spam speed items to shave off a couple tenths of a second, it’s not fun. Give us an actual fight! 16 people all fighting one boss SOUNDS like it could be super fun, and it can be.

Also, the GvE and GvG menus are atrocious. I simply couldn’t understand how to do anything until I watched several youtube videos explaining the UI to me.

This has the potential to be a really fun activity, and a great way to pull all of my guild members into one voice chat, but it needs some (pretty simple, to start) changes for the average player to be able to enjoy it


This sounds like good potential and pretty much already available in mechanics and wouldnt take to long make the necessary adjustments for the required code, seen as well we have Islands/Chaos gates that allow more than x amount of players, some even up to 30.