GvG and GvE are in UTC times?

Hello. It would appear that the in-game tool-tip for GvG and GvE do not match server time. @Roxx @Seawolf Can we get an official answer whether this will be fixed? As it is right now, UTC time isn’t exactly workable for guilds with working adults, who cannot get on until well past the current way the GvE/GvG timers are set up.

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Seriously, there isn’t enough discussion about this. ending at 5pm PST is way too early. This limits so many people from doing it. These timers are really messed up and it should end at 12am EST like it says.

Apologies for this, it is a concern and something the team is aware of and looking in to.


Not only are times set in UTC but for GVE it says that the Admission Period is 24 Hours everyday of the week but You can’t start a GVE instance after 23:59 UTC.
Our Guild matches all the required conditions and we have already sent a challenge but we are unable to enter our base and start the fight.


will we get refunds for our buyins?

Would be a good time to fix the clock in EU too. :slight_smile:


It’s somehow to complicated because of the multiple different timezones but somehow it got fixed in NA within a few days…

I think we gonna wait until December to have it "fixed’.

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When can we expect for for the team to learn how timezones work?


Pinging this thread, does anyone know if the patch changed anything?
It appears that the challenging time frame etc. is now within the server time zone.

Has anyone been able to test whether or not the times have been adjusted with the last patch?

Got the same issue as the person from above. Challenged a raid, got everyone gathered to do it, and boom everything is greyed out from every island. Even though the admission period says we can access it at anytime/anyday. Such an annoying/convoluted syste.

Why is this even time-gated??? Just let guilds go in whenever the F they want. You already limit the # of attempts, so it’s not like that can be abused.

Good feedback for the devs is to stop time-gating because they seemingly get incredibly confused with time conversion. @Shadow_Fox

It’s not UTC time, idk when it is. Checked at 20:30 UTC and it wasn’t active.

It’s sometime between 20:30 UTC and 1:30 UTC the next day.

This is still not working, we trying to do tranquil island (we registered for challenge, by the way registering is a pain too, we need to do it very early in the morning for OCE)

and it is now 4:57 Server TIME (PST) West Valtan Server

Greyed out, even with UTC standard it would mean it’s from 5PM to 4AM GMT+11 and it’s atm 10:57PM
So what’s the deal here @Roxx ?

So, i seen the Island GvE stops allowing us to enter base at 6PM GMT+11 (5PM AEST, midnight server time), that doesn’t follow any logic… and is not nice for us in OCE timezones
So it seems to follow the admission period instead of what is writen in guild window… nice
You think someday SG is gonna be able to get times to work ? Compass still doesn’t too BTW

How is this still an issue from over 3 months ago. My whole guild just missed out on our GVE Raid Match bc of this issue. Seriously AGS get Smile Gate to fix this ASAP. How hard are time zones to figure out anyway?