Gvg is a whale content

Just like in title. GvG in this games is pointless because only Whale and Rmt guilds are gonna win anything.

Correct, however Fap is free so - whatever man.

there, fixed it for you.

well ppl need some place to flex their wallets on eachother
pve doesnt rly do a too good job at that since its just hitting a sandbag
and no1 rly cares how much you crit :x

You are correct. Next topic.

whales need content too :slight_smile:

I really don’t understand why ALL PvP isn’t normalized. PvP is supposed to be about skill level, that’s the point of competing against other players.

Hmmm, ok so?

Always has been, large guilds will probably even pay streamers to be in their guild to attract more whales/players/attention. If I recall correctly that was the case on Black Desert Online, Summit1G got paid hundreds of millions of silver or something along those lines.

all b tier islands are equalized, sure you wont get the maximum rewards out of it, but the gold / person is the same if you take the top 5 spots regardless of the island tier

Sounds to me someone got a bit whopped today. Why even make a post about it tho?Its common logic that part of content is for whales who can afford proper tripods + gear and everything else.