GvG S tier islands system is bad

When i hear the term “GvG” i think of guilds fighting to prove who’s the better/ more skilled guild in the server.

But apparently its who has the bigger bank account… Why do we have this? you have been doing everything to not make this game look like p2w yet here we are.

Isn’t there already a system in the game for the “normal” adventure pvp islands to be gear capped? why not just apply that same system to the S tier islands pvp?

Yeahh this happens in every region. Its where whales well in our case RMTers go to shit on people who dont RMT.

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Well I believe Rowen has harmonized PvP events. Just that this particular GvG is purely based on player progression. (Gotta have some use for those Expertise/Domination/Endurance accessories I guess)

Ye GvG is p2w and RMTers will always win those island. What tilts me the most is that they get rewards ( gold ) for breaking the rules.

Is it even P2W? PvP seems incredibly numbers based and not skill (nor gear) based, who can keep who on the ground or electrocuted for longer.