GvG times are too strict - Need afternoon's GvGs

Why do you put GvG times on dinner time ? It looks like they’re Fridays at 20:30 and Sundays at 20:30… this is so prohibitive for many players having dinner with family. As you can choose different games and size why not setting up different times as well? Like keep these and times for the lucky ones able to play at that time for how long it takes but also add afternoon GvGs like at 16:00 so that players can join guilds with the same times and participate in GvGs… This is a huge mistake that many games do forcing people into that. It’s very frustrating for a player that loves pvp that may love the game and its pvp content and not being able to participate in the main PvP event. I know many players from all over Europe as my community is international that won’t buy the game cause of this.


There is no perfect solution for launch times or GvG times or anything.
Do you guys eat that late? So thats no intermittent fasting unless you skip breakfast.
Also family reunions in a pandemic.


Yes Amazon why are these times like this in Russia, the region you do not publish in please answer.


In the Europe I live in, dinner time is 18:00 (6pm) Who eats dinner at 8:30? :stuck_out_tongue:


I came from games like Black Desert Online and surprise surprise, no one ever had problem there that GvG starts around 7-8pm, it’s even perfect time, because still, some players might work at weekends so it gives them opportunity to come back from work. Well, if you cannot make it, it’s your problem not the majority of players. Either way, who eats dinner at 20:30?

Also, we are gamers, who spends time with family /s

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Quick question, how do you know it will be at 20:30 and Sundays at 20:30?

Locking this thread because it is referencing a different version of the game, and I do not want misinformation on this topic to be spread – we have not shared server/event reset times as they are in the process of being locked in.