GVG's WO not working equally

Today on the GVG the WO function just didn’t work. We lose the second place because of it.

My english is not too good but I think that you guys can see on the images that we don’t receive WO at all, and the other guilds received.

That’s a bug that makes me and my guild really frustrated, can someone help about it?

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Hello @Pizashow, thank you for bringing this up to our attention. Is this issue happening every time?

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Hey @o-o , yes. Every time that has an odd number of guilds in the island the WO’s function just doesn’t work equally.
It seams like a RNG. If you get lucky you gain the WO.

Yesterday, on the Medeia Island, a guild in my server almost take the island without win any game. Just with the WOs.

It feels like you spend tons of gold trying to win the content, and the content is just a infinity RNG. And this is really frustrating.

That’s really odd, Pizashow.

What server is this on?

Its Yorn Server, @Centeotl

Thank you!

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Ok, and now what?
I have to wait for something or we’re just unlucky?

We deserve at least the chance of a tiebreaker for the second place.

My friend open a ticket and receive the answer that we had the third place because we lose one game to “jogadores honestos”. But we also win a game of them. The score is 1-1, why they’re on the second place?

Also, on the game that we lose, we made more points than the game that they lose, nothing make sense :frowning:

And with that matchmaking, if we had won the second match, nothing will change.