GW2 and Lost ark classes

I’m kinda veteran player in gw2 and I’m trying lost ark but after getting to level 2 T1 raid bosses… I started to get kinda useless feeling from my Shadow Hunter and I’m trying to find something new to play… and I got an idea… is there any class in the game or it’s going to be added in the future class that is similiar to Holosmith from GW2?


Eww holo, super eww

There will be a Gunner, I think it’s called Scout with engi. similar theme drones etc.

Yep! There is a dude that uses all sorts of machinations to obliterate things. Looks to be like the class you’re hoping for. And we ahould get him soon enough, 3 months max. Also, I recently discovered that your class can get so much more stronger when you put runes on your skill tripods. In t2 you will also have an option to better your skills with gems. So don’t kick your shadowhunter to the curve just yet.

uuuu another holo main UwU \o/