Hackers stealing maps !Read and help solve!

Today was first time i had to deal with a group that stole my t3 epic map.
Peaople group up and use all 4 maps so each gets their lot however this was not just me going first and the group bailing this was much more sinister.

so i joined group my map was for punika tikita colony the one we started with was starsand beach after completion all 3 left and my map was gone my map was not from starsand and i did not open it so how is this even possable without a hack
i would love a good response to explain this or how we can ix it because it makes me think the games security into my computer is also at risk

name of offenders is momointhehouse, tanktopmaestro, and paytowinning are hacking maps stealing them able to open them from areas there not even in and your map not their own WARNING!!!

i would request an email from game creator or amazon on how this can be fixed as i lost out on the 3 maps i should have been able to run and i dont know what else was taken if they can take a map from my inventory what else can they take

SERIOUS violation

When you enter a map dungeon, any map dungeon, you need to spend a map of that quality to enter and get rewards. That is how it works. You went in, you got rewards, you spent your map. That is how the map scamming was resolved. They didn’t steal a map from you, you just spent your map on a different named dungeon.

As a note of detail: The rewards for the dungeon are now multiplied by the amount of total maps spent. So if you go alone? 1 map spent, 1x rewards. When it’s 4 people, 4 maps spent, 4x rewards for all involved.

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So what our fellow here states is how it works.
Do you somehow feel isnt your case?
Let us know if you have any doubts or concerns.

Thanks a lot @kknd :+1:


This is the answer, no one stole your map.

when was this changed

On the 21st

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One of the best QoL changes so far. The other being the check box in skills menu for ‘prioritize equipped skills’.

well fudge i owe this dude an appology i mailed him but his box was full i wish they would post it in a bigger note so people dont get confused thanks for your help folks glad i came here